Pumpkin Pity Party Pie

P repared with love for him at dinner’s end, an

U nannounced surprise with sweet potatoes from another supper, chilled, mashed,

M ade carefully into a luscious circle of fresh crimped crust, new cream, the last of the cinnamon:

P astry rolled and flaked, fit for a

K ing, the golden finale to our chicken-breast-and-cheese-potato-wedges-topped-with-bacon

I ncredible feast

N early ready. Finishing touches all around, the barbecue sauce just warmed, ice water poured.


P redictably, as I step to call him Come and enjoy, an

I nsistent alarm comes over his line, someone’s house afire in the city, and he is gone.

E mergencies cannot wait. Pie can.

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4 years ago

Aww! What a let down! All the love and time poured into a special treat for a special someone and then…. an emergency . I hope everything ended well on the emergency and that your special someone got to have his special treat.

4 years ago

I am so sorry to disrespect your pumpkin pie and the feast you had prepared. It would have been lovely to enjoy together. It was still good three hours later, but not as good. I know. I’m sorry. Thank you for loving us enough to let us go… sometimes.

Baldwin Street home left uninhabitable after fire

4 years ago

Bummer. Sounds as bad as my own story of being married first to a dairy farmer and then to an on-call Emergency Room staff member. Same husband. Different jobs.

4 years ago

I only recently found your blog, at the recommendation of my sister in law, and each time I am blown away by the witty way you have with words, the meaningful, relatable subjects injected with that twist of humor that keeps me intrigued. Thank you, Shari. I enjoy jumping into your world for a few minutes each post and I know from experience how challenging it can be to keep writing blog posts with consistency in the midst of a busy life.
Tabitha Stoltzfus

4 years ago

Such a familiar scenario! The evening I have a special meal, or we plan family games, or I’m mixing up special coffee… Most times I wear my own self donned invisible cape with pride. Occasionally, after too many subsequent interruptions, I threaten to call in with my own emergency, demanding assistance from a particular first responder. Blessings from another firefighter’s wife!

4 years ago

You’re a gem. Really.

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