Do you know the carnival game where those little balloons float up and you have to shoot them with a gun or a dart?

Some of us are like that in discussions, ever so good at shooting down the hopeful ideas and helpful suggestions of others. That just wouldn’t work, because… No, I thought of that already. Sorry, we’ve tried that too.

It’s easier to see this in others, but I’m most disturbed to recognize it in myself: the temptation to create the perfect empty gallery in which there are no more viable ideas and options to be raised, to look around with satisfaction that I won to the next level, unwilling to admit even to myself that I haven’t created a better balloon.

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10 years ago

competition and comparison are of the same evil I believe. 🙂 To me, it seems that both are often selfish in motive and in the process of trying to be the best or even “create a better balloon”, we end up rather defeated and deflated ourselves. I have been there. If its about floating for our own sakes, we can be assured of deflation. If its for the betterment of another, I think we fly higher! 🙂 I like your word picture !

10 years ago

Andrew had to teach me about this, Shari. And I’m still learning. To be patient and attentive and receptive instead of shrewdly shredding a thing. I appreciate this post. Jolynn

10 years ago

What?! You too?

10 years ago

I am just like this! I always attributed it to not wanting to accept advice. Is it the same evil?

10 years ago

This almost makes me sick in my stomach, because I do it so often, especially to my husband. Thanks for provoking my thoughts in good ways.

10 years ago

Wow. So well said. I stand guilty too.

10 years ago

Oh me! Is this a woman thing??

10 years ago

Your word pictures make this easier to understand. I get mad when someone does it to me and am too often blind when I do it too another.

Dorcas Byler
10 years ago

Ouch! It is especially easy to do that to the one I love best on earth–my hubby. I am working on it, and asking the Holy Spirit to remind me not to do it.

9 years ago

Oh my. You put this so well that for the moment I can hardly stand myself.

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