Plum Paper planner review

Confession: I am in love with planners. Physical, textual, paper-full, colorful, logistical planners in which to write All The Things. For the past few years, I’ve used and loved The Time Keeper. But I’m ready to step up to a larger planner, with more options.

My sister-in-law Chastin recommended Plum Paper, a website offering highly customizable, personal planners.

Here are some of the things you get to choose about your Plum Paper planner:

  • Size of the book
  • Cover pattern and color (wide range of florals, geometrics, brush strokes, and more)
  • Cover text (monogram, date, your name if desired)
  • Starting month – to orient around calendar year, school year, or fiscal year
  • Vertical or horizontal layout
  • Weekly spread (see below)
  • Add-ons

The weekly spread has a lot of customizations available. I like the ME choice, where each day is given seven slots that you can custom title as you wish. Example: devotions, morning, afternoon, evening, menus, fitness, to-do, etc. Or you can pick the simpler MAE choice: morning, afternoon, and evening slots for each day.

You can also name the sidebars of your page. Task list or grocery list? Notes, prayer requests, or blank?

The add-ons are even more fun. There are section add-ons like “My Home” or “Direct Sales” or “Homeschool” or “Prayer” or “Gratitude” where you get an entire tabbed section added to the back of the planner. (Each month is already color-tabbed.) Or you can distribute add-ons throughout the year, like monthly cleaning pages or bill tracking pages or blank pages for notes.

Finally, you can add extra accessories to go with your planner, like stickers or sticky notes, snap-in dry erase dashboards, paper clips, pen and pencil loops, and more.

This site is soo fun to play with. You should design a book even if you’re not going to order it! They are not cheap planners, but they are not outrageous either – $30-$60 for a customized planner doesn’t strike me as highway robbery. That’s three to five dollars a month. You could probably choose more expensive ones, but I maxed out my page number on the medium size at $60.

So far, the Plum Paper products I’ve previewed have looked amazing. I’m excited about giving this company a try!

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