OtherSpeak: The Emmaus of In-Between

This post was submitted by Rachael Lofgren, who lives in the Upper Midwest where the snow doesn’t stop for six months of the year. She has published several books with TGS International.

The road has been long.

The night is dark but moving toward morning.

I’ve met many strangers along the way;

A few friends.

This journey is going somewhere, 

But not the place I expected, not even the direction I anticipated. 

I come upon Him–somewhere outside a small village on this Emmaus road.

He’s standing at a turn in the path. He seems to be inviting me.

I know Him like I do not know this road, with the old familiarity of many years.

Can He walk with me, He asks.

We walk in silence, He and I. We enter the streets of town, turn a corner; there’s a cafe inn. 

The place is dim. The desk clerk is dozing, his head on his arms. 

I clear my throat and he wakes, asks what we want.

“Food,” I say. “Just something light.”

He brings us porridge, mugs of steaming coffee, and toast without butter. He retreats behind his counter to sleep again.

My companion and I eat in silence. I am almost too weary to be hungry.

I look up to see He’s watching me. Something in His eyes sends a message without words.

“What’s on your mind?” I sip my coffee waiting for His answer.

“What’s on yours?” answering a question with a question. It’s His style.

“The look you gave me just now. It meant something…” I pause. Probe.

“I brought you here,” He says, dipping His spoon into steaming porridge.

“Here? What are you talking about?” I put down my coffee mug. Puzzling.

“I led you here to this point in the journey.”

“Am I missing the significance somehow? What does this village and your leading have to do with each other? As to leading, we walked together, sure, but you brought me here?” Maybe I’m just tired. I shake my head, confused. 

“Good coffee. Isn’t it?” His eyes are laughing. He’s lightening the mood. He does that when I try too hard.

“Mmmhmm…” I murmur, watching Him sip from His mug. “But what do you mean by, you led me here? How is HERE significant?” I can’t let it go. 

“You’re with Me. That’s what’s significant.” His voice is quiet but His eyes are intense. He puts His mug down with finality.  

I look away. The shadows of the past not quite at rest; the questions of the future not yet revealed; they swirl in front of me. I pull my coffee mug in close, curl my hands around its warmth, seeking the comfort of knowing. 

This is only the place of in-between. What can He mean? Where is He going with this?

I look up and He’s smiling again, waiting. It’s then that I finally see – my understanding opened.  He is the answer. I’m with Him. This place of in-between is where I meet Him. And it’s in walking together that He leads Me.

– Rachael Lofgren

How has Jesus walked with you?

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4 years ago

Amen and amen! This resonates with me alot! The ways been full of twists and turns i didn’t anticipate… questions for the future with no answers… but YES! that inbetween spot…its what He longs for and I do too.. just being with Jesus.. and knowing, deep inside.. that it is enough. Thank you for sharing!

Violet Fisher
4 years ago


MariJane Horst
4 years ago

This so reasonates with my heart! Beautiful!

4 years ago

Tears. God only knows how much I needed this today. I’ll read it again and then again. This place of in-between, my heart often full of fear. And He’s smiling at me?!

Anna L. Martin
4 years ago

This is beautiful.

4 years ago

So beautiful. So true. I too will be going back to read it again and again. It’s a reminder I need daily right now.

Rebecca Weber
4 years ago

Thank you, Rachel. This brought tears to my eyes and shivers to my spine. As one presently living in a place of in-between, I deeply appreciate the piece.

4 years ago

Thank you! Beautiful truth.

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