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Brain things, Celebrations / Friday, August 1st, 2014

You always knew this would happen, right?

You knew that sooner or later, the pristine purity of my writing would be compromised by the cold world of materialistic capitalism, and I would become a puppet writer for Mennonite businesses.

Yep. That day is upon us. From here on out it’s going to be all about Jadebeansarethebestintheworld and TryKauffman’samazingcider.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at our new sidebar! —->

By a strange twist of fate, I am quite excited about this advertising experiment, and I hope you will be too! To the many labels I could give my blogging (fun, therapeutic, interactive, rewarding) I am trying to add this one: productive. Forgive me for this. If we all hate it, we will stop. Promise.

What I did is I handpicked some businesses I think you’ll love. {I would so much rather do it this way, with products I actually like and trust, than sign up for a random and irritating ad service that is going to display products I object to on moral, spiritual, and sensible grounds.} I’m happy to introduce these good businesses to you lovely people, and happy to give you access to some wonderful products and services without obligating you to something. You are the most important people on this blog, and you don’t have to do anything to make this work for me.

Don’t worry. I intend to continue writing on any topic I wish including church denominations and birth control.* I am still my quirky nonsensical slightly irreverent deeply devoted to Jesus self.

(If that in itself worries you, I have no further comment to make.)

Read more on my Ad Policy page. And then, if you like, pop on over to see what these first two businesses are about, and the good stuff they offer… and watch out for more, coming in the next weeks and months.

Let the games begin!


* Okay, well now maybe I’m not THAT brave.

13 Replies to “New stuff on our sidebar!”

  1. Let me be the first to leave a congratulatory comment. 🙂 I’m happy that you’re able to get some profit from your writing. We all enjoy your words; you might as well receive some money for it. 🙂

      1. I didn’t know that we have an ad blocker – but that is my husband’s department so I’ll have to ask. I can see ads on other blogs.

        And here I was all excited to see what businesses earned a spot on Confessions….

        1. So sorry, Gina! Not sure what’s up with that. So far it’s Kauffman’s Fruit Farm and Direct Garden Seeds (distributor for Berlin Seeds)… Well worth googling on your own. 🙂

          See you in a few weeks!!

          1. Thanks! I looked them up and enjoyed browsing!

            A few weeks? Don’t tell me that August is ending that fast!

            Not that I’m not eager to see you – just not willing to see summer end!

  2. I can see the ads and I’m so glad you’ve found businesses that offer such great products…hate that I don’t have my business anymore…would love to advertise on this blog! I love that you’re “quirky nonsensical slightly irreverent deeply devoted to Jesus”. Makes reading so enjoyable!

  3. If you want to help support this blog, you can disable the adblocker function just on this website to allow those advertisements to show. I use Adblock Plus extension, so I clicked the ABP stop sign > Options > Whitelisted Domains and added to the list. Most adblockers will have similar “whitelist” options. Thanks!

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