My upcoming book

Dear folks,

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this news with you.

I’m writing a book for Herald Press. A book about need and community, motherhood and unraveling.

If you did not know about this and feel you should, I am nothing but sympathy. I didn’t know about it either. If you are one of the few I brought myself to discuss it with, you should be feeling very, very smug right now. Who knew that dreams come true could be so fraught with anxiety? Okay, moving on.

Last week I met with my publishing team for the first time. Hello again, Zoom. And hello, beautiful people far more experienced than I…

I’ve poured uncounted hours into this project, but I have many more to go, and if you’d like to support me by breathing a prayer (out loud) (below) I sure wouldn’t say no to it. Release is currently scheduled for July 2021, which probably sounds like waaaayyyy out there, but I have a few deadlines under my nose which are making it feel quite toasty close.

I’ll be sharing updates as we go. I’m guessing there will be a few chances for you to interact with me on the manuscript. Who knows? Do stay tuned.



PS – I can only hope my sons pour as avidly over my words as they do over Big Nate’s. Wouldn’t that be nice?

PS2 – What do you really hope I include in the book? Or don’t include?

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Rosetta Byers
3 years ago

What exciting news! And prayers breathed, definitely. Courage as you pen words!

Katrina Hoover Lee
3 years ago

That‘s exciting! Congrats! You will do great with it.

3 years ago

That picture looks like a painting!
I’m feeling kinda smug, but more than that, soooooo proud of you. You were brave to tell us about it, and braver to keep pushing through this ginormous opportunity/obstacle course. I’m praying layers of protection and streams of grace on you the whole next year. Love you and cheering for you and if you ever need an iced coffee to help the process, I’ll be on your doorstep!

3 years ago

I wondered where in the gestational process this was. YESSS, so pleased you are continuing to make the brave leap. I suspect it will be like birthing: you are capable of more than you know. ????

Shannon Shantz
3 years ago

I’m excited to read your book! And admire you for doing that! I hope it’s available in Canada too. 🙂

3 years ago

What wonderful news, Shari. It crossed my mind the other day to wonder if/when you’d ever write a book. I’m so glad you are, and will cheer for you all the way.

3 years ago

Congratulations! I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the last couple of years. I’m not in a conservative religion, but I find I relate so much to your parenting stories (my own son is 14). Here’s what I’d love to see you write more about:

Social media and the mommy wars
Parenting extreme kids
Detoxing kids from technology over-use
Foster parenting
Being a humble yet confident parent (oxymoron? Or possible?)

Sandra Jane
3 years ago

Congratulations! I wish you only the best and can’t wait to read the final product! I have no insight into the contents, but am sure it will be great regardless of how you tell your story. I take that back, I guess I do have a desire. I hope you will write about how your faith is incorporated into the lives of your foster children and the bio families you nurture along the way. I may be a minority on this blog, but am not of the same faith as you. I am a Christian, but of a different denomination. I find it challenging to bring my faith out in the open in my work life. How do you balance your faith life at home with children who may come from other beliefs or from families of no faith?

Regina S
3 years ago

Congratulations Shari! I’m very excited. I’m praying that your book will bring glory to God (which I’m sure it will) and all who read it will be encouraged.

Danette Martin
3 years ago

Stay tuned? I will. Breathe prayers for you? Amen. Buy your book? Absolutely!

Geneva Eby
3 years ago

I’m so excited for you!! And that part about dreams coming true causing anxiety really landed with me. I will be anxiously awaiting this book!

3 years ago

Oh Shari! Finally, a book! I always thought it sad there is no book with your name as the author. Love and prayers n much stamina to you!

3 years ago

Oh! I am so excited. Much grace to you.

3 years ago

Jesus, May Shari feel peace and courage and she moves into the fear she feels. May she find you more fully in the process of writing this book you’ve put on her heart.

I hope you include words about moms and mentors and the community so vital to parenting well.

I hope you include your story about continuing to move into fostering and helping others while receiving help for your family. To me, that is humility. “I am broken, but I will help as I can.” I often think I have to have my life figured out before I can help others, but I have “watched” you continue to offer your gifts while not pretending to have it all together. You’re allowing Jesus to do the work through you. <<<I’m afraid you will push back on this and say you’re not that good and I would say exactly.

I love reading your words here and am looking forward to the book!

3 years ago

Will it have recipes? or pictures of food? Those seem to be popular.

Joanna Yoder
3 years ago

Oh, Shari, how wonderful! And terrifying.???? Prayers for you as you meet the deadlines, and for your family as they sacrifice, and for our church family to support and love you all through this process!

3 years ago

“Need and community, motherhood and unraveling.” These are subjects I am extremely interested in, and now I can’t wait for the book. In fact, a good friend and I have been hashing out our passionate views on community through voice messages this very week!

3 years ago

Raising a family and building rosy relationships with my little “rainbows” requires much work. I want to look back at these years with few regrets but so often I’m at the “end of my rope.” How can I refrain from running myself ragged during the day, so I can be a rested, refreshed, romantic wife in the evening?
I can always use “a good read” on these topics. Blessings as you write your book ????

3 years ago

“Courage, dear one!” Such exciting news. Cheers!

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