On a modern day dilemma

It is impossible not to finish something

If you keep plugging away at it.

This is what I tell myself

When my projects look overwhelming.


On the other hand,

I suppose it is impossible

To finish something

If you keep plugging away at it.


So it would appear

That the better part of success

Is knowing when to keep plugging and

When to quit.

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Linda Stoltzfus
7 years ago

I am so sharing this! LOL

7 years ago

You just described my mountain of sewing!!

7 years ago
Reply to  Sylvia

Awwww!!! I have found a “sister” who understands my dilemma!!! Does it help to recognize how far you have come on a project, instead of calculating the distance to the summit of the mountain still left to climb?

7 years ago
Reply to  Anita

It helps some I think. But with sewing for growing children I can’t ever, ever reach the summit!! It’s a continuous parade of dresses, jammies, slips, coverings, etc marching across my sewing machine. Or marches to it and waits it’s turn, more like it! Do I need to lower my expectations? I like to sew, but with so many other more pressing things weighing on me, such as what’s for supper, 😉 sewing quickly becomes a formidable chore!

7 years ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

I’m feeling convicted that perhaps I exaggerated my plight! There are times I feel caught up on sewing. It so happens that I’m just now in the middle of tackling the sewing that I wanted to do during the winter. Therefore, the desperate feelings of being on a gerbils wheel. I’ll keep plodding! And by the way, help is pretty far in the distance; one daughter is 6 and the other 8 months and I can’t begin to envision my sons taking up sewing!! But thanks for the encouragement.

7 years ago

Well your blog posts don’t show any sign of the struggle so you must have it in you to know when to end things

7 years ago

I’ve heard it helps if you laugh.

7 years ago


Arlene Yoder
7 years ago

I love this!!!

There’s an older lady in my church who gives the best advice, always simple yet practical. We were chatting about the upcoming birth of my firstborn and she said, “Sometimes you just do what you can and then decide that you’re done.”

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