“Little Lamb” by Jenedy Paige

If you want to cry for joy,
go to this worthy Plough article,
Crying He Makes,”
by  Kathleen A. Mulhern,
and read it until you get to the image
of the Christ child
by Jenedy Paige.
Click the link below it that says,
“Watch a video about this painting.”

That is what I did three days ago.
Now her representation of this Child
in his embroidered swaddling bands
with his face alight
is in my home
with me.
That is how I behave when I fall in love,
a magic that happens to me
now and then.

We see him as we are, don’t we?
Otherwise, with all her research, I think
the artist would have chosen
to tint his skin olive-toned.
I would have liked that authenticity.
But like all babies,
he is perfect
as he is.

(After you are done looking,
do not forget to return to finish reading the article.
“And I, with my weakness and helplessness
in the face of humanity’s suffering
and my own brokenness,
can only draw near to the manger…”
You must not forget the article, O Best Beloved.)

No one is paying me to promote this writer
or this artist
or Plough
or the Divine Baby, for that matter.
But encountering them may bring you joy.

Open your heart.
Fall on your knees.
Oh! hear the angel voices.

Merry Christmas.

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Tabitha Schmidt
6 months ago

Thank you for sharing this beauty.

Coleen Barnhart
6 months ago

I loved that painting so much when she first shared it! Jenedy added a little more to the story this week on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C0-jluirO1B/?igsh=ZTcxMWMzOWQ1OA==

6 months ago

Oh thank you!! Lovely!

5 months ago

Thank you! I learned something knew and was blessed!

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