Light brown hair

People / Monday, April 8th, 2013

Her world is receding, shrinking into a pale aqua cube with bright lights, lots of cords, an IV drip for every need, and a trio of inhabitants: herself, her husband, and her mother. The hospital staff are waiters and butlers, serving IV’s, checking the cords, and bowing themselves out.

She is receding too. Like a babe in arms she sleeps away her days, needs to burp, eats tiny bites of soft food off a spoon held to her lips, takes trembling steps.

My only sister oh my sister.

IMG_6994She is an angel of wishes, hands clasped, patient face. I am a loving angel–except angel. My magic is gone with my wings; shorn of power to shield.

I never liked it that her hair was lighter than mine, that she was the Mary with golden and I the Laura with brown. No one serenades plain brown hair. Except once when we were small I found in a folk book a song called How I Long for Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair. I hated that, then.

Now she has none.

And I would give—oh worlds


Jesus, my sister.

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  1. I do not have words to speak, weeping inwardly today, because I’m babysitting three little ones that would have so many questions if I wept outloud!! And so I choke with the great big lump in my throat, knowing I have no idea…praying without knowing what words to speak…knowing God’s Spirit knows exactly what to say! Wish I were close enough to hug you, Shari! I love you!

  2. I have been eagerly waiting for every update from them… waiting for news of better things. My heart has been hurting with them and you all as you watch her have to go through this. A hug and more prayers….

  3. Poignant reflection that can only be spoken in a painful journey of a sister’s heart. . . I wish we could wrap you in love, Shari, and make all the hurt go away.

  4. I know the pain of seeing a sibling who was once strong and gorgeous lay upon a hospital bed, suffering and shriveled in body…but stills strong in spirit. My heart goes out to you and I pray for her and you all.

  5. Jean and all of you have been heavy on my heart and mind so much the last while. So so hard! Love, grace and the presence of Jesus to you!

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