Letter to Regan

Monday, February 3, 2020

Dear Son,

How are you doing? We were concerned to hear about you smashing up your knee! How is it feeling by now? It must be a strange experience to have an injury that your family does not know about. We keep writing you letters as if nothing has happened, and all the time, your letter with its explanation is creeping closer and closer to home. When we get it, we gasp. We worry, as though it just happened. But for you, it is already healing.

Isn’t that strange?

We are so glad you were brave in the pain, and we hope you are getting around just fine again. Please be careful!

We’re excited about your dugout canoe and your derby car. Can’t wait to hear how the race goes. Your car looks very streamlined and sleek.

Jenny is listening to me read this letter out loud as I type it. She asked, “How many days till Regan comes home?” and when I said, “Four,” she sccccrreeeeeaaaammmeed. We are sitting on the couch reading Mary Ann Hoberman’s book The Llama Who Had No Pajama, in between my email communications and One Year Bible reading. Jenny really likes the rhymes, and she also likes the Moses stories. Sometimes I read them aloud from Exodus, and paraphrase. She is learning about the Egyptian plagues for the first time, and her eyes get big.

We’re so excited about home visit. We plan to spend lots of time breathing and relaxing here with you. We want hot drinks, games, stories, hugs, sledding, and microwave popcorn. “And kisses, Regan,” says Jenny. So consider yourself warned. “An I’m pickin my boogahs.” Giggle giggle. She’s leaning into the computer screen and saying, “DID YOU HEAR THAT, REGAN?”

Today we are catching up on a bunch of little jobs. The rest of the week, we are spending time with friends and trying to get our work done. Our whole week is leaning toward Friday, and we can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Twila Beachy
4 years ago

Oh, Shari, I know that feeling of not being able to wait until your son comes home for his home visit!!!!! Is this the first? We had our first one with Louis in December and will spend this coming Monday with him at the Ranch. I can hardly wait to see him again!!!!! I trust you will have many cozy, wonderful family times!!!! And I will be praying for you ????! Hugs to you, my friend!

4 years ago


4 years ago

True love

4 years ago

Just finished playing a few rousing games with our son…home from camp as well! thankful for the light in the journey.

Twila Beachy
4 years ago

We’re thankful for the light in our journey as well, & for what God has done & continues to do! This might be our last visit, not sure. He comes for another visit soon, maybe next month? He’ll probably come home to stay around May/ June
I really struggled with this mom guilt thing this morning, but had to lay it at the cross & accept Christ’s forgiveness for me and extend that to myself. Would love to see a blog on that sometime?! Blessings to you and your family!

4 years ago

Rejoicing with you!!! And rejoicing in light in the road! Most of all, rejoicing with Regan in the growth in his life. I love stories that start w struggling and reach hope! Blessings

Teresa Derstine
4 years ago

This post is sooooo is timely!!! All God!!!! Our son, home currently for his four day visit, started attending Allegheny Boys camp in September. There has been progress and for that we are so thankful. So much healing needs to take place for him and for our entire family. Been a hard long road. So encouraged by all the comments!❤️ Somehow, would love the connection with all you “camp” mamas !!!!???? cannot thank you enough, Shari, for your blog, God totally lead me too!!!????????

Teresa Derstine

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