Learning to notice

Confession: There are too many things in life I take for granted.

Today I’m so thankful for water… the only way to stay sane in soul-withering humidity.

Cool showers two or three times a day.

Cold drinks.

A big lake 45 min away, and a stream to splash in here.


Thank you, Jesus!


What’s His best summer gift to you?

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Hope Anne
11 years ago

A generator when the power was off in 100 degree plus weather for a whole entire week. That generator, a loan from a friend, meant we had water to flush toliets, wash hands and do food prep for our family of 7, plus 5 guests from Canada!

11 years ago

Central AC, installed in our house before we moved here. We don’t use it all summer, but in this heat…. Thank you, Lord!

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