Introducing flower journaling

Recently, while browsing the web in search of ideas for simple homemade journals, I stumbled across this gem–how to make a book with only paper, one rubber band, and a “backbone” of choice, such as a twig…


…a pencil


…or chopsticks.


{Check out the instructions here, from twowritingteachers.}

It’s too cool an idea, and adaptable for any age from preschooler to adult. You can use it for a notebook, a sketchpad, a journal, a love letter… you name it.

You can finger-paint on the cover. Better and better…

I’m going to use mine for flower-journaling, which is, as the White Knight would say, a tune of my own invention. I stumbled across that too, and I love it.

Sometimes I just feel muddled, especially at this time of year–either by a task list, a complex sequence, or a boatload of conflicting emotions.

So I draw a circle on a piece of paper, and I write in it the topic at hand: What I’m Feeling, or Urgent Tasks, or Dreams for This Summer. What I Love About My Life. Ingredients Available For Supper. Frustration. Happy Things From Today.

I draw petals extending from the circle, and begin to write in them. If I’m assigning the project to one of my children (Things You Like About Your Sister), I draw 5-7 petals. If I’m making it for myself, I draw petals as I progress. Who knows how far I’ll go? Maybe I’ll start a second row behind the first and it will turn into a chrysanthemum…

flower journaling

I’ve found it a valuable way to condense what I’m feeling into a few key phrases; to separate the parts, and yet visualize the whole.

Try it?

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9 years ago

I thought they were adorable when Kara showed hers to me. Thanks!

9 years ago

I love the flower journaling idea! I’ve used different sorts of diagrams for categorizing info and brainstorming writing, but never thought of using something like this to help me sort my feelings, plan supper, etc.

9 years ago

I like this idea! Thanks.

9 years ago

Thanks for the flower journaling idea. Right now I am trying to think through some things at work & personally. I will use this idea.

Brenda Troyer
9 years ago

Flower Power 🙂

9 years ago

Love this idea!

Sharon Yoder
9 years ago

A new way to map or web ideas with my students.

9 years ago

I who am a flower lover and a “jotter” love your idea! My organized sister would love the tidy look. 🙂 And while on the topic of flowers, I recently discovered this website just in time for Valentine’s day . All the flowers are american grown by “local” farmers. (this time of the year they would come from California or other points south, which probably isn’t your back yard but still in the US) think spring and flowers:)

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