For any of you who are interested, it is now possible to easily subscribe to my blog, thanks to my excellent tech help. I’m thinking of proposing marriage to him, but I’m waiting for the courage.

See the widget on the right side of my blog if you want to receive my posts via email. I am laughing, thinking–Why would you? But there it is.

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11 years ago

Thanks. I have you bookmarked, but this is much more convenient.

11 years ago

and I will. Spent quite a bit of time last week looking for the “subscribe” button.

11 years ago

Yay! Now I won’t have to check so often to see if you’ve updated nor will I fall so far behind when I fail to check for day or so.

mama zook
11 years ago

I almost had to email my IT guy to ask what a widget was!! That’s how little I know about computer!!

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