How to cut a watermelon

Food / Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Confession: I love watermelon, and I love to cut it up.

Ideally, I like to eat it in gorgeous triangles off the rind. But that’s not always practical, such as when adding watermelon to a bowl of other fruit, or when transporting large amounts of it to a picnic, or when wanting to eat it without juice running down your elbows. Little times like that.

So I also like bite-sized pieces, all ready to go. Here’s a simple method that I’ve had fun creating and playing with, in which the rind itself becomes the cutting board for watermelon cubes.

Plus it’s fun to dump the pieces out.

Plus it’s fast.

Plus I get to work with video, and with my son. Hehee.

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  1. I love your videos!!! ❤️ My favorite part is that whack at the beginning. ?? Any ideas on choosing a nice crunchy watermelon? I always seem to get the mushy/sandy watermelons. ? I’m one of those odd people that you see knocking on watermelons at the store, but actually haven’t a clue what I’m doing.

    1. Grr. You and me both! I knock but no one answers.

      I’ve heard all these specific tests, like check for a yellow patch on the melon rind to show it ripened in the sun (that patch didn’t get any), knock for a hollow sound, etc etc… but as far as I can tell, every watermelon is kinda alike. In the end, I take the one that calls my name and hope for the best.

    2. Actually, your best bet with a store bought watermelon is to find one with a very small end spot. (Opposite the stem end) As in very small, like 1/8″ or smaller. It means that the watermelon was probably more ripe when picked, and therefore will be much sweeter. I grew up on a truck farm that raised watermelons and so if you are picking them fresh there are a few more tips. I moved to Kansas 18 years ago and this had been entirely fool proof for me until the last 6 months when I hit one that wasn’t as sweet. Not bad, but not great. But it works much better than any knocking/smelling tricks. 🙂

  2. I am most interested in the costume change between the second and third portions… is that necessary to the success of the project?

    1. HAHAHA – I was just going to say, “You even had time to change clothes!” And I say yes, you must change half-way through in order for the pieces to come out nice and even. 😉

      1. Lol. No, in my defense I must testify that they come out nice and even each time!

        BUT – baby heads popping up, apparently inches from the knife blade, while Mother continues rolling and talking is a little more alarming. I promise it wasn’t as close as it looked, but it looked awful!

  3. Very cool! Dont feel bad for not knowing Shari, after almost 57 years, I will be trying this. ? Loved the video: pop up, change up, and giggle up! ?

  4. This made me giggle. Thanks Shari! I needed a lighthearted break this day… and maybe some watermelon too… where’s my watermelon??

  5. Hey! I tried your cutting watermelon tip and it worked like a charm. Surprise. 🙂 I had to chuckle when some of my watermelon also refused to go into the bowl. 😮 Thanks for sharing.

  6. This works so well! Needed to whack up a melon quick for potluck this morning and thought “I need to try out that method I saw on that video”. Maybe didn’t get it done quite within 90 seconds, and I sure didn’t have a chance to change clothes mid-session, but that aside, it is my newly adopted method. Thanks so much for sharing! Oh, and the chickens do a great job of cleaning up the rinds if you have chickens and feel a little bad about potentially missing some pink juiciness from the center portion of the quarter. It’ll be returned as eggs, so no waste there. 🙂

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