Graduation day

Boys camp / Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

June 11, 2020

many things have been occupying my heart

some of which will stay there

but the best one

is this

our son has graduated from bald eagle boys camp

and he is home to stay

he is familiar

grown up

new made

they spread a lovely dinner

salad bar in a canoe

with dessert

but i was thinking about my son and all those months

behind us

i do not know if i am allowed to share a picture of his group

and if someone tells me to take it down i will

but i am always grateful to them

the good and beautiful boys who surrounded ours

soon it will be their turn to finish strong

to fly

i keep taking pictures of my kids

these strange and glorious days

because there are four of them

and they are all together

22 Replies to “Graduation day”

  1. Thrilled with y’all that your together again! And so, so thankful that there’s growth and improvement and hope!!!

  2. Congratulations to ALL of you!! You did it, you made it! I’m so happy! Love seeing the 4 kiddos together again. Makes my heart so happy.

    What a cool idea for the salad bar…..a canoe! So cool!

  3. Congratulations to your sweet son. I’m praising the Lord for all of you. I love the picture of your children. They are all so happy!😊

  4. So happy for you, Shari! Our son is home to stay too, & he’s a changed grown young man! Also our daughter is home, so we’re all together again! God created beauty from ashes! There will be adjustments and I’ll be praying for you!

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