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A Proverbs 31 Wife
10 years ago

haha! I purposely write marriage posts that I know have questions in it that people are asking. But sometimes I am surprised, and sometimes my heart breaks just a little over their questions. When you take God and morality out of the picture, you suddenly end up with a lack of guidance and questions that could be easily found in God’s word.

10 years ago

Around my house, we use Google for answer/research a lot of questions. In fact, when my wife asks me something like “does this rash look like our son has chicken pox?” my immediate response is “did you Google it?”.

An interesting article on how these things can go:

Even when I am preparing for a church-related topic or devotional, I lean heavily on BibleGateway, Google, and other internet resources to gather commentary, historical background, etc. Even if I don’t agree with everything I find, reading and thinking it through helps me to flesh out my own thoughts.

Here is the thing: Google itself is just a great search engine. What is really happening is that we are tapping into the “hive mind” of humanity’s collective knowledge. Congratulations, you have contributed something of value to your fellow humans.

(And yes, I could totally see an entrepreneur launching a startup around the idea of “goods and services to mend broken relationships”. You have a technically-inclined husband to write the website, Android, and iPhone apps, so go for it. Email me if you need a beta tester.)

10 years ago

Oh goodness! Please don’t take this post down! It’s great!!! And yes, that website sounds really funny . . . . go for it! chocolates, flowers, date night, concert tickets . . . all kinds of ways you can go with that one! ;-)]

10 years ago

HaHaHa! I’ve got to show this to Art!

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