People / Friday, November 9th, 2012

She stood 4’ 8” tall, a giant.

Early this morning she died humbly as she lived, a hero.

Christmas 2009

I feel small and lost.

Goodbye, tiny grandma.

Psalm 103:13-17

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9 years ago

Shari, I am so sorry for your loss. I did not know your grandmother well; however, while I lived in Hartville I heard remnents of stories telling of the positive impact your paternal grandparents had on Hartville Christian School where I taught. Please give your family my condolences as well.

9 years ago

Oh, Shari, I’m so sorry to hear about this. Sadly, I’ve found that whether we’re expecting it or not, it’s still difficult. I’m SO happy to hear what a wonderful person she was – that means your memories will be happy ones and not ones filled with regret. God bless ~

LaDonna Nice
9 years ago

so sorry for your loss! hugs!

9 years ago

What a beautiful, peaceful lady!

9 years ago

What an adorable woman!!! And since I think you favor your dad’s side…maybe this is a peek of what you’ll look like in 60 years!!!

GrandmaKitty Brown
9 years ago

I’m so sorry, Shari.

9 years ago

I’m so sorry. . . . I have lost two of my Grandmas (one a “great”) and I know the large hole their passing has left in my life, and still does many years later. I pray for God’s comfort for your entire family . . .

Carla Zehr
9 years ago

I was so sorry to hear she had died. May God comfort you. I agree with Shaunda; she is beautiful!

9 years ago

Hi Shari! I have been a ‘silent reader’ way too long…. I have cried as God touched my heart through you sharing your wrestlings. I have felt ministered to and convicted. I have laughed with you… you still have that cool, creative way of expressing yourself. 🙂 The same Shari, but different! A grace-filled woman.

Mom and Dad said they met up with you at the viewing of tiny grandma. Made me miss you all the more and wish I could connect with you again. We keep dreaming about making a weekend visit out to PA to see Jas’ brother Gerald and Grace. Meet up with you then?

I wanted to tell you how sorry I am about the loss of your grandma. I pray that you would know God’s presence and the care of people as you say good-by. It’s just never easy.

Thanks for writing and blessing me and others. I eagerly look forward to every update. 🙂