Glorious honesty

The other day, looking for some Valentine treats, I stumbled across the prettiest website! I have been there on occasion before, but never explored much.

Glorious Treats is one of the loveliest food blogs I have found: beautiful, accessible, and tasteful. Her pictures are breathtaking. Her ideas are creative. Her treats are fashionably seasonal, yet usually infinitely adaptable.

Best of all, just as I was about to close the website with a sigh of despair (I will never make ANYTHING to offer to public consumption again. What a disgusting little amateur I am, with my small greasy projects and dim photographs. What was I thinking?), I viewed Ms. Glory’s profile, and realized with no small shock that she is, after all, human. With a normal family, a normal house. On her profile she links, by way of introduction, to

1. One of her favorite and most popular posts (Hydrangea Cupcakes)

2. Some of her prettiest cookies (Vintage Pastel Christmas)

3. The first party she ever “went all out for” (her daughter’s sixth)

4. And some photographs of her “super fancy kitchen” (The Glorious Truth).

Now that caught my attention…

And sure enough, it was a confession. I love that Ms. Glory makes a point of letting us see into her imperfections. Rather than smearing them all over each post (an approach that would get stale fast), she does her brilliant work to the best of her ability, then privately calls us to view the place from whence it came: a very ordinary kitchen, many flops, and some proud first attempts that just make her laugh, these days.

She has some lovely Valentine ideas I thought you might enjoy.

Happy planning!

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GrandmaKitty Brown
11 years ago

I’m no baker, but i think i could make those Sweetheart Cupcakes. This kind of easy-peasy recipe is right down my bumble-fingered alley! I’ll be heading into MY “super-fancy kitchen” now…. 😀

11 years ago

How cute!! Thanks for sharing that ~ I just started following her on Pinterest as well. I love new ideas and I’m a MUCH better imitator than an innovator. I wonder if I’ll be brave enough to attempt the Valentine cookie boxes?? Hmmm….

11 years ago

Thanks! I probably won’t be attempting ANY of her projects any time soon in my own not-fancy kitchen because I seem to be doing good just to keep up with the bare bones basics most days. But I do appreciate the “eye candy” that her photos are, and maybe some day. So thank you very much for sharing! Probably we are wise to recognize that most of us do put our best foot/writing/photograph forward on our blogs. 😉 Sometimes we do “let it all hang out” for the sake of honesty, and that is good too, but we can’t “let it all hang out” every time we blog, or I imagine we’d soon either have a roster of readers worthy of the scandal mags in the check-out line, or no readers at all. 😉
Bless you, and happy creating! 😉

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