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Food / Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

UPDATE: As of December 6, 2014, this giveaway is closed.


Dear people,

I’m happy to announce there’s a new cookbook on the market around here! – Simple Servings: recipes celebrating the place of food, faith & laughter at Faith Builders.


Beatrice King has gathered an incredible collection of great eats. She’s been head cook at FBEP for ten years, and got so many requests for her recipes she decided to do it right and pack those babies into a spiral binding.


It’s got a gorgeous design and user-friendly layout, as well as full-color-photograph divider pages—and five hundred plus recipes, all tried and tested.


It’s not a comprehensive cookbook made to cover all aspects of cooking—rather, it ensures every recipe is a winner, and goes big with certain sections. I got my fingers in it by copy-editing, and as I edited – well, I admit it. I got crumbs and smears on the proof pages because I couldn’t stop trying out the recipes pre-publication. Awesome!


From Mocha Smoothies to Italian Cheese Bread, from Mexican Tortilla Stacks to Dulce de Leche Cake, you’ll be wiping drool. Promise. And that’s not even touching the delightful salad section… Or the special “Large Quantities” sector for cooking with crowds.

We’ve slipped a little history of Faith Builders in the front and a couple of good essays in the back.


And here’s my own little slice–a recipe I’ll share with you, but only in print!


Christian Learning Resource is offering a copy of Simple Servings for free to one of you readers! We’re going to make it an unusually short giveaway, closing Saturday December 6 at midnight, so that those who don’t win have time to take advantage of a second offer: free shipping on all orders placed before December 10! These copies will arrive by Christmas, Lord willing—just in time for you to try out some new holiday recipes, or wrap the book in pretty paper for the chef in your life.


We want the word spread on this cookbook! To enter to win, you must share the giveaway news with someone. You may share it on a public network, or simply copy and paste this link {} into a private email to a friend. Leave a comment and tell me who you shared it with {“BFF” works for me…} and also, just for fun, what favorite food makes your mouth water.

Example: I’m sharing this giveaway with YOU and I would give a lot for a Lindor truffle right now…

Share the joy. And the Chocolate Brownie Trifle. (That’s right. Found on page 388.)


UPDATE: As of December 6, 2014, this giveaway is closed.

Open to US residents only–or those with US mailing addresses. Giveaway closes at midnight on Saturday, December 6, 2014. Winner will be chosen by

143 Replies to “Giveaway: Simple Servings cookbook!”

  1. Shared the link with my sis. What I’m hungry for… hmm, a french vanilla latte would be nice since I just had my lunch and am simply not hungry right now.

  2. I posted a link on my facebook wall! Today I’m wishing for a Sonoran hotdog sandwich, since several of my friends are just now leaving for Mexico, the land of hot dogs like no other.

  3. I shared it on Twitter. And I’m hungry for… umm… I just want to eat something with somebody else. I could be a latte and a scone, anything chocolate, or tacos, as long as there’s a friend with it.

  4. Linked on Facebook.
    I’m hungry for fresh fruit. To be specific, a just-picked sun-warmed pineapple or a tree-ripened mango bursting with juice and flavor. Mmmmmmm….

  5. I am sharing on fb and we had some hot jalepeno cheese dip this past weekend that I could use more of and am making for a birthday party tomorrow!

  6. I am new to your blog and am delighted to find myself here. I shared this contest on my Facebook page. I would very much enjoy a healthy portion of Hungarian Paprikash.

  7. I informed 2 of my sisters of the giveaway. I love a good cup of coffee with a peice of raspberry cheesecake! (acatually I love coffee anytime)

  8. I shared it with some friends via email. Chinese take out or a sub would taste fabulous about now. I guess, I will settle for the leftovers in my fridge instead. 🙂

  9. I’ve never been to faith builders or met Beatrice, but because I love new cookbooks, especially ones with large quantities section, I’m going to put this on my Christmas wish list. 🙂 (and innocently let everyone in the family know about ordering by Dec. 10) as for what I’m hungry for? A bowl from Chipotle!

  10. I shared this giveaway with two of my friends, Betty and Erika by email. Although I have lost all faith in, I will never give up and keep entering my name. A cookbook by Beatrice would be the ticket to my success in the kitchen. (i think) These days, Warm Custard Drink is at the top of my list.

    1. You crack me up. If I ever get a break, I’m still going to host that pottery giveaway! And then I will say “Winner will be chosen by Alison and Shari. May the best chick win.”

      1. Good. This sounds so much of a better and superior idea. I’m not trying to speed life up but I wish these next few months would hurry so we could have some real fun and angry friends.

  11. Shared on fb. Would love to see her large quantities section to get ideas for here at camp. I’d enjoy some shrimp and grits about now.

  12. I’ll share this on FB and with my family. Right now a cranberry scone and peppermint mocha bianca from my favorite coffee shop* would be great!

    *Metropolitan Coffee Shop, Hutchinson, Ks 🙂

  13. I thought I had enough cookbooks, but this one makes me want another! Beat is a wonderful lady and cook! Shared with my friend… and I would like some iced coffee right now.

  14. Shared (will share after I write this) on FB. I love homemade toffee! So looking forward to making some in the near future!

  15. Shared on fb. After a few months of trying gluten free, what I want right now is one (or five) of Beat’s sweet potato rolls. Told hubs just yesterday that I wanted this cookbook for Christmas.

  16. Shared the link on FB.
    I’m in the mood for a frozen coffee drink and a piece of the chocolate sheet cake in my frig that I’m avoiding 🙂

  17. A new cookbook!? yes, please even if those recipes will have to be adjusted for the altitude I live at. 🙂 shared via email to my mom and sisters!

  18. Hi ~ I shared the giveaway with my good friend Peggy, and right now I could really go for something sweet with peanut butter in it. I may have to just have a spoonful of peanut butter and syrup – that’s really good in a pinch.

  19. I shared with my sister-in-law via email. I love Beat’s cooking and it always looks so attractive, too! A pumpkin spice latte would be delicious right now!

  20. Shared the link with a sister. And how could I not want Beat’s cookbook after eat that wonderful food for three years?!! Right now….hmm, maybe some Cheddar Chowder with crunchy bread sticks.

  21. I e-mailed my best friend who is celebrating her first anniversary this month. Thought she might like to make a new treat for her husband for their anniversary… And I would just love some good Nicaraguan rice and beans cooked over the fire.

  22. Go, Beat! I would be thrilled to have her recipe cache!
    I shared with my friend LuAnn, and I’d love a fudge brownie or bowl of hot sauerkraut about now!

  23. First of all, isn’t it funny how many folks are capable of commenting when there’s something free involved? Cracks me up every time! So here I go, sailing along with the current…. I shared with my sis and daughter. And I’m not hungry at the moment because I just finished a fabulous salad created by my daughter- baby greens, pomegranate, pear, craisins, sharp cheddar cheese, fresh pineapple and mandarin, with chicken strips on the side. And after that, a peppermint mocha latte. I couldn’t possibly wish for anything else just now!

  24. After a summer of Beat’s cooking, I will unashamedly post a comment, even if hundreds of other people do. I told my sister about the cookbook, and now I’m ready to go get a nice cold glass of peach iced tea out of the fridge.

  25. Shared on facebook….. And I have a US address… Just in case 😉
    Oh, and the sound of that chocolate brownie trifle makes me go weak in the knees…

  26. I shared this on Facebook. My favorite food? I can’t have it anymore, since gluten is off-limits, but the thing I still crave is donuts. Homemade glazed, Krispy Kreme glazed, filled sticks with creme inside and frosting on top… horribly bad for you, of course, but it’s my ultimate comfort food.

  27. I worked with Beatrice K in the FB bakery 20 odd years ago. I’d love to give this to my wife. Looking forward to her homemade granola for breakfast. Sharing the link with my sister.

  28. It looks like word is getting around! 🙂 I’ve been looking forward to seeing this cookbook…Brooke told me about the project. I shared this link with my friend and housemate Mindy. Food I’m craving? Cream of wheat. Very original, I know.

  29. Sharing this with some family members by email! I would be up for a Bavarian cream doughnut right about now…or would an orange-ginger scone go better with Earl Grey tea?

  30. Shared on FB. As I’m perusing FB, I am sipping a lovely cup of English Breakfast tea…..lovely. Not to mention the delicious cinnamon bun I enjoyed minutes ago!

  31. Sent that one to four of my BFF 🙂 How about pumpkin pie with orange pumpkin instead of the dark green that’s available here? Skip the whipped topping. Beat’s sister Julia will loan me her copy if necessary, but I won’t complain about another one around!

  32. I shared it on Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity. My friend Twila says you are a wonderful cook, so I would love to win the cookbook. 🙂 I love me a good salad with lots of different kinds of lettuce and cabbage, topped with a ton of other chopped vegies, then scattered with nuts and seeds, with some Newman’s Own Parmesan and Garlic Dressing!

  33. Oooooh. Maybe, just MAYBE I’ll be the lucky winner?!?! 🙂 I shared this with my friend Naomah, and I could really eat something involving buffalo chicken right about now…

  34. So I shared the link with my husband as a hint. I wonder if he will catch on. A peppermint mocha would taste lovely if I wasn’t so full already.

  35. Shared on Facebook. I am addicted to the latte’s and would love to make a few of my own!! If I can get lucky enough to get chosen for jury duty I may get lucky enough to win a copy of “Simple Servings”! Woo Hoo!

  36. Shared this with my sister/friend. Love Beat and her cooking too! Would love a latte right now, late night and way to early morning lol 🙂

  37. I shared with a friend today. I could eat a bowl of choc.peanut butter ice cream!! I will always have fond memories of Beat at F.B.

  38. I shared this with my sisters and my mom via email. Tomorrow I get to eat chicken tacos (with corn tortillas and homemade quacamole) made by my mom and at least one sister. Can’t wait! In fact, anything I don’t have to first cook or prepare sounds good right now …

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