Giveaway results

I’m happy to announce that Renee Shafer is the winner of Silent Grief: Hope for Surviving Early Miscarriage! Thanks to all who entered!


Those who didn’t win may purchase Silent Grief for $2.99 here on Kindle or here on PDF for $2.99. Kendra says it’s also coming soon in a printed form, so stay tuned for that; I’ll do my best to let you know!

In case any of you wonder about my giveaway policies, here are a few clarifications.

No one is entered twice, even if she comments twice on the thread. I want you to be able to respond to another person’s comment (or have Kendra or I respond to yours) without being re-entered. My husband usually copies all the commenters into a spreadsheet document so we can check for and remove duplicates, as well as any comments from the hostesses.

Someone always whines about (I use “whine” in the best possible sense), but I have known the Lord Jesus to work quite well in the middle of “random” events. The winner is always chosen as impartially as possible. In this case, it was by way of a  piece of paper drawn from a bowl. I can’t do that when there are a hundred or more entries.

That’s all! Thanks for entering the giveaway—and if you’re really into shopping, check out our sidebar ads for great coffee, CSA shares in the Lancaster area, and financial services.


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