In the fall

A golden flurry of walnut leaves fills my backyard—they are always the first to go.

Mornings are nippy; coffee tastes good.


Tomato sauce boils over on my stove.

running over

I am sick of canning. A few dried beans today and then I am done for the year, and I say Good Riddance, though I’m happy with the resulting shelves of goodness.

I finely diced a whole quart of onions (don’t you love when a recipe says finely diced?)—and cried more than I’d cried over anything for weeks and weeks. I shooed everyone out of the kitchen before it got bad—but Ryan still felt the fumes in his nose and throat and made me pay for it. He said rather loftily that he thought it was more the novelty of homemade salsa than any real superiority. I said, “You shoulda been cutting them if you think you had it bad.” We ate the exquisite flavors in stony silence.

It was the next day at lunch, eating it cold with chips, that we laughed. This was after I lured him back to bed with me and right before I spilled coffee over his pants. Sometimes I think I am a high maintenance wife.

Harvest. The clouds wear a brooding look found only in September skies. The children load their backpacks every morning. We hear rumors of snow in the west.

I feel fully alive in the fall.

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mom coblentz
9 years ago

Definitely the bestest time of year!

9 years ago

I love it!

9 years ago

My favorite time of year! I think it has to do with the coffee and smell of fall.

9 years ago
Reply to  Alison

Alison! I’m so happy you’re here!!

9 years ago

I’m loving fall. Crisp air, lovely crisp air. And, of course, coffee being even better than normal. Sitting next to the window in the morning watching it get light. Spending time on a Sunday afternoon reading on a park bench and chatting with my sister in perfect, absolutely perfect weather. Rain and clouds, new school books, cozy evenings, and putting kiddos to bed earlier without them knowing that it is earlier because it is already dark.

9 years ago

Fall is my favorite season!!

Mama Zook
9 years ago

We did pickled beets last Friday at Renita’s and I boiled beets over on her stove and made pepper jelly that really didn’t get quite thick enough, (because I used my own quince pectin and didn’t boil it the full eight minutes) but it will taste scrumptious with cream cheese and crackers this winter! We ordered four boxes (I think they are forty # boxes of grapes for the first week in October to make into juice! I’m actually loving these cooler mornings and days with little or no humidity. Coffee has always tasted good to me, and I most generally drink it until the pot is empty!

Tabitha Schmidt
9 years ago

I also love, love Fall. Fully alive, yes! The other day I walked out into the brisk, bracing air and raised my arms in joy, embracing the day.

9 years ago

Hate to rain on the party, but don’t y’all realize what’s coming next??? Wiiiiinnnntttteeeerrrr!! Sorry. Fall is NOT my favorite month! 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Bethany

What?! Surely not.

I’ve never heard of it.

9 years ago

The answer to your marriage problem and a simple solution to making your life easier: . All in our family have one of these, and they are the neatest choppers to have to make salsa and all that kind of thing. Just make sure you hold the back of it when you whop the front down with your fist, or you’ll end up breaking the base. 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Elizabeth

Hear hear on the vidalia chop wizard. Even better, if you buy it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, you can use their $5 off coupon, AND if you save the receipt, they will replace your broken chopper with a new one when you whop the top down and break the base. If you wish, you can think condescending thoughts about my frugality reaching plenty far now…=-)

9 years ago

I think I could easily live in a constant state of fall. It’s nothing short of lovely for a sweater and hot drink lover.

9 years ago

“We ate the exquisite flavors in stony silence.”
Tee-hee. This is such a great line!

I love to hear about fall from people who love the season. The last few years I’ve been making an effort to enjoy it, and it’s helping. Other people’s enthusiasm (which I glaze over the end of summer and finally listen to when even I have to admit that fall is here) is helping.

9 years ago

Fall wins, hands down, for me! And a cup of ‘hots’, be it tea, coffee, cappuccino……..pumpkin cheesecake anyone?
Am so enjoying all your posts! Awesome photography in your heading! 😉 Thanks!!

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