Excerpt: a letter to Regan

Dear Regan,


I forgot to tell you something

that happened a few mornings ago.


Jenny brought me her little pink calculator

held to her ear

and said,

“Mommy, it’s Regan callin’.”


“OHHH!” I said,

and faked

half a phone call.


“Hello there, son!

How are you doing?

I know, we miss you too!

What’s on your plans for today? Swimming?

Wow, that sounds great.

Did you have breakfast yet? What did you have?

Ooooh, that sounds GOOD.”


When I got off the phone calculator,


from Jenny up to Kelly

began busting in like,

“What did he have for breakfast?”


For a moment they had really believed

I was talking to you,

and they wanted all the news.



I said,

“you know

I was just making that up,




they said,

“but what DID he have?”


I told them bacon

and an egg bake.

Hope it was tasty.




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Danette Martin
4 years ago

Oh, I love this! Such a precious momheart you have. Hugs…

4 years ago

I’m in tears… thanks for sharing that sweet relationship you’ve got with your children. Am headed to camp later today to pick up my son for homevisit…you made me miss him all the more. =)

Mom Coblentz
4 years ago


4 years ago

Aw, beautiful, but Moms shouldn’t have to have fake conversations with their sons.

Wanna B. Writer
4 years ago

“Yeah, but what DID he have?”….. That’s hilarious! ????

Kendra Sensenig
4 years ago


Regina S
4 years ago

???? Made my cry but they were happy tears because of your wonderful relationship with your awesome blessings!

4 years ago


4 years ago

Every time you mention your son/boys’ camp, my heart aches and I tear up. I feel I could relate with you. But, we are at the ‘wondering if we will need to do this’ stage, the stage where I block my mind from thinking about it farther. I believe my son and your son are close in age.
I wish I could briefly communicate with you in private, but that’s probably not an option….

4 years ago
Reply to  L J

Of course it is an option, if email counts… I am available as sharizook at gmail.com. I am very sorry for your pain.

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