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Celebrations, Food / Sunday, February 24th, 2013

jelly bean bag 2

Confession: I never saw much point in jellybeans.

The only ones I ever truly liked were the Buttered Popcorn variety from Jelly Belly. But their chief virtue lay in how much they tasted like something else. Sigh.

Still, when I found a poem* justifying their existence, I decided to share it with my Sunday school children — treat and theology, all in one. I know it’s a little too early for Easter proper yet, but our recent lessons have focused on the death and resurrection of Christ, so this is perfect.

Jelly Beans Tell a Story
Written by Barbara Hooks

Black is for the evil planned that night.
Yellow is for God’s Son who is the Light.

Red is for the precious blood that Jesus gave.
Green is for the grass that grew beside the grave.

Orange is for the setting sun as soldiers slept.
Pink is for the rising sun as Mary wept.

Purple is for rulers who could not win.
White is for the cloth He left within.

Blue is for the water in the sea.
On the shore “The risen Lord! Oh, could it be?”

Many people witnessed this great event.
Disciples watched as heavenward He went.

The angel said He would return–
Exactly when, we do not learn.

A bag full of jellybeans helps us tell
A story of love we know so well.

Share the candy; share the joy;
Jesus died for girls and boys!


I am slightly color-starved at the moment, so I decided to really play the color theme and cut rainbow-colored ribbons from my stash of fabric scraps.

rainbow cloth strips
jellybean bag 1

I printed a copy of the poem for each child and folded it up like an envelope, sealed with a sticker.

1 2 3 4 5 6

They loved it.

alena josh katy

* Inspiration and poem found at daniellesplace.com!

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  1. Ha, ha to Ryan and ditto to Jean. I was amazed at the beautiful ties on the bags. You are not a Sunday School teacher who slides by without prep and study.

  2. I’m just ready to do the Easter lesson w/ my class! I think I’ll use this. So cute, and definitely redemptive… for the jelly bean.

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