Easter pictures and April goals

It means so much to me

that Jesus rose

that He is alive with us in the baby snuggles and

the new crocuses

and the mocha cupcakes.

Made by my mother

We had a lovely Easter, and I feel so blessed

but it was the next morning

when I woke to the knowledge that He was knocking

and calling me to surrender to Him

once again.

My Lenten rose

He is good

to call me out of myself

and into trust.

More on that next time.

My goals for April are as follows,

in case you want to join me:

  • Scripture – 1 & 2 Peter
  • Focus – Random acts of kindness, using this idea list as inspiration
  • Abstinence – Disrespecting my family in private behind their backs,

thanks to the wise recommendations of my friend Rachel

who didn’t know I needed this, but is a shrewd guesser

to be sure.

I would have said that private disrespect is a “small” problem for me

but a couple of days into the experiment,

I’m thinking it’s considerably larger than I thought.

I am giving up

eye rolls,

trash talking under my breath,

and cycling through scornful thoughts.

Just in case I do any of those

or anything…

Okay, I do.

And I’m going to bring them to Christ.

Join me?

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3 years ago

What a good challenge! That salad looks fabulous.

3 years ago

I will join you, but no fair, you got 7 days of practice on me.

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