Colors of spring

Confession: I always thought the true colors of spring were rainbow pastels – lilac, mint, pink, baby blue, soft yellow.

But when I went driving a week or two ago and really looked at the countryside, the colors weren’t what I expected. Rust was a big one, and chartreuse, scattered through the trees all over the hills as they pushed their new leaves. The brightest of gold, for the forsythias and daffodils and dandelions. A warm lavender blush, for the early flowering trees. Neon green in the early leaves and grasses, and blue, blue, blue for the sky.

It was shockingly beautiful.

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6 years ago

And all the people said, “Amen” when they really stopped to think about it. Thank you for noticing and bringing back your observation. As Frost wrote, “Nature’s first green is gold… her hardest hue to hold.”

6 years ago

Yes amen preach it sister. (but I had to look up “chartreuse” to make sure… 😉

6 years ago
Reply to  Elana

Just don’t look it up in the concordance like I absentmindedly did. It’s frustrating.:)

6 years ago

Thanks for the description. The green of spring always revives something nearly dead in me.

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