Confession: I tried capturing a falling leaf on camera, in this glorious sun-drenched weather.

It was


falling 2A


I thought.

falling 1A

But I found some beautiful branches…

leaf in foreground 2

So many causes for happiness, these fall days. Line-dried sheets, the last of the season. Newly-minted raised beds in the garden–who knew that shoveling goat poop could make me so happy? Healthy and radiant children, four or five or eight or three of them. Words of blessing. Friendship. Maple-bacon frosted cupcakes. Sometimes life slips by too quickly for me to look at, to express, to capture.

Like a falling leaf.

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9 years ago

Wonderful wording for glorious moments. Sorry, but in my opinion, bacon should have no part in a cupcake!

9 years ago

That ‘maple-bacon’ cupcake caught my attention too. A lady from my church who specializes in cupcakes made bacon ones as well. I think it was a caramel or maple frosting with a real piece of fried bacon sticking out the top. They were actually good. 🙂

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