Blueberry feast

In July, we enjoyed our annual blueberry extravaganza.

We baked them into warm, tangy, crumbly crisp

and sprinkled them fresh over baked oatmeal and yogurt

and experimented with adding them to these very strange “dessert dogs,” basically a glorified peanut butter and jelly sandwich, perfect for lunch at a campground. (Delicious. Though the bun did seem rather unnecessary, more of a handhold than anything.)

We (make that I) ate them chilled in salads, with avocado and pecan and shredded carrot and all good things

and baked them into blueberry custard bars,

and stirred up peach-blueberry pie filling for atop angel food cake, with cream cheese fluff. (If you think the peaches don’t look amazing, you are right, they weren’t. Better luck next time. But peach and blueberry is one of my favorite combinations, especially pureed in a milkshake.)

We served them with new strawberries over ice cream,

boiled them with sugar till reduced to a yummy syrup which we stirred into homemade ice cream,

and made our favorite of all, twice… fresh blueberry pie.

If your mouth isn’t watering by now


mine is.

The season always ends too soon.

If you want a specific recipe, I will share it with you. What would you cook with a bucket of blueberries?

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Gina Otto
3 years ago

Blueberry custard bars recipe please!????

Kim Zook
3 years ago

I still think about your delicious blueberry jam on a piece of your amazing homemade bread! So good!!! The blueberry/peach combo sounds delish!!!

3 years ago

I’d make blueberry scones and blueberry muffins or coffee cake. And my mouth is sure watering. I would love the blueberry crisp recipe. I have blueberries in the freezer from last year.

3 years ago

I found a strange and wonderful recipe for Blueberry Sausage Breakfast cake in the Lancaster Farmer. It features blueberries, sausage, and pecans, and is delicious drizzled with maple syrup. However, our favorite way to eat Blueberries is fresh – by the handfuls!

3 years ago

interesting thing I learned this summer…. it looks like you might have got white peaches…. i always thought that the white peaches that I bought in China were picked too early and thus never like a peach should be, but white peaches apparently are supposed to be eaten hard, like an apple, and if left to ripen will be mealy. It was interesting to learn, but move aside white peaches, I’ll take a drip-down-your-arm peach any day!

3 years ago

We enjoyed these bars several times while the bucket of fresh blueberries inhabited the fridge this summer. Not the healthiest option out there, but I always made it for company, so then there wasn’t half a pan left for me to consume.

Lois Johnson
3 years ago

The pie recipe, please!!! oh my….

3 years ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

Mmm blueberries! My favorite breakfast in blueberry season is toast spread with peanut butter n honey with a layer of blueberries spread on top. Don’t know if I’ve ever eaten it though without a blueberry or two rolling off???? I would be interested in the jam recipe please.

3 years ago

I’m sad that blueberry season passed me by with nary a fresh blueberry. I must have overslept a morning or so and somehow totally missed all the deliciousness.

Well not totally, because I did enjoy one of your yummy blueberry custard bars at the church picnic.

Until next year I’ll just salivate over your pictures.

Deborah Heatwole
3 years ago

An ode to blueberries, oh yes!
We love them sprinkled into pancake batter as soon as it hits the griddle, or piled atop clouds of cream cheese and whipped cream on a graham cracker crust (i.e. “delight”, but no need to thicken or sweeten the fruit!)
Recently dessert was blueberry-peach crostata (or galette?), followed the next morning for breakfast by blueberry Dutch baby drizzled with maple syrup.
Blueberry baked oatmeal – just fill the bottom of the baking dish with fresh or frozen berries and top with your favorite baked oatmeal mixture. Blueberry crumb bars! A baked blueberry pie is utterly delicious. And my niece whipped real cream and sweetened it lightly, then stirred frozen blueberries into it for a simple and perfectly satisfying dessert.
Your crisp looks so good, and your salad! Yum!

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