Alice in wonderland, or not

Walking through the woods, I found a little door.


I’m sure I saw a welcome mat laid down, curled from waiting.

door closeup

I’d like to stop in for tea sipped from an acorn cup, and some sweet nut cakes. I’d like to forget that I’m adult, that there are dirty dishes and bad news waiting in the house.

What is your view of pain? she asked me.

I don’t know. I have no opinion of it whatsoever. I would like to find shelter among the close darkness of the tree roots, drinking sustenance from the earth like they do.

redemption way

redemption lane

What is your view of pain?

I don’t know. Does Redemption Way really look like that—dappled shades of peaceful living?

The_ScreamNo. It’s a road flooded with drama, lined with fire, set with sinkholes. You can lose your soul on Redemption Way.

I’d like to stay away from it if I can, sip that acorn tea.







But the goal here is to grow, not shrink.

With every bite you grow larger, Alice.

I suppose I must go through the looking glass to see Redemption Way for what it is. It looks red and screaming from one side; green and healing when I look back over my shoulder, seeing how He carried us.

redemption lane

I have redeemed you
I will be with you
They shall not overwhelm you
You shall not be burned
The flame shall not consume you
I have called you by name

You are mine.


All images owned by Shari Zook, with the obvious exception of The Scream, Edvard Munch, public domain in the United States.

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Alvin S
11 years ago

“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies…”

Sharon Yoder
11 years ago

This side of heaven – the reality of love clouds the eye.

11 years ago

Redemption Way. I want to live on that road.

My favorite word.

11 years ago

I think I’ll join you for tea…

11 years ago

“It looks red and screaming from one side; green and healing when I look back over my shoulder, seeing how He carried us.” You always say it so well.

Warm thoughts, Shari. Pain is so…so…painful. I wish you a quiet moment of shelter and a long draught of tea.

11 years ago

You write about pain and we get it and cry with you because you so touch our hearts. May God wrap His comforting arms around you today! Praying for you!

Ruth Byler
11 years ago

You, my friend, have a gift for writing, and a story that needs to be shared! I think someday (rather sooner than later) we should be seeing a book “The Redemption Way” authored by Shari Zook. 🙂 Trusting you are feeling God’s loving embrace as you walk this “not so easy” journey with him!

11 years ago

I don’t know you, but I’ve enjoyed your writing since I wandered over here from Anita Yoder’s blog. Maybe God is calling you to write a book and maybe not. Just wanted to tell you that it’s great to listen to your friends, but mostly listen to God and his calling on your life. I for sure don’t know if that means writing a book someday or not but I just didn’t want you to feel any pressure. 🙂

Mama Zook
11 years ago

always the glance back feels safer than the road ahead! Too bad Redemption doesn’t include all the uglies that we still face in the flesh, in the broken world! But His promises keep us walking beside Him, except for those times He needs to carry us!

11 years ago

Red and screaming from one side, green and healing looking back. Yes. Totally. (Except sometimes the memory of the horror cannot be completely shaken.)

I LOVE the little door and welcome mat picture. 🙂

11 years ago

Oh, this is true. Sometimes I don’t know why I shrink from pain when the redemption is so powerful and real. (In the middle of it I understand well). How could we live without Jesus?

Carla Zehr
11 years ago

It is so easy for me to want to be in the green and healing and skip the red and screaming. Thanks for putting words and pictures to this. Your life is teaching me more of how to face pain. I love you!

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