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Confession: I’m discovering unpleasant things about Pandora. I love Pandora. I hate its ads. Yes, I know I could upgrade to ad-free listening for just $9.95 per month! I’ve heard the pitch twenty times; not biting. But get this–

When I listen to Kings Singers or High Kings radio, I hear ads for great cars and good food.

When I listen to Enya or Jackie Evancho radio, I hear ads for internet security.

When I listen to Antonio Vivaldi radio, I hear ads for trendy shoes.

When I listen to St. Olaf Choir radio, I hear ads for hot Christian singles in Meadville.

No joke.

Complete with names and thumbnails.

Psshh. I know Meadville and there aren’t that many handsome men in the whole TOWN. Somebody needs to throw their “find God’s match for you” tripe at a chick with less kids and less brain. I’m going back to the Kings Singers.


I’m leaving town for the week! This feels cosmic to me, though it is not.

We’re bound for Family Week at SMBI—when we get back, I have some sweet crafts to show you. We’ve been working hard on preparing them for about 50 young men and women, ages 6-12.

If you want to make my day while I’m gone, leave me a note telling something about your summer. Whatcha doing these days? What epic questions are you pondering? Cooking anything good? Finding simple ways to relax? What’s a cool place to visit with small children?

Ciao for now!

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10 years ago

Epic questions??

I had an epic discussion with Josh the other day: why in the name of all things Tolkien, Frodo couldn’t bring himself to throw in the ring. Further, what is the appropriate way to interpret/apply this wrinkle to the Christian worldview of good vs evil?

Any thoughts?

10 years ago

No ads is one reason why I like Grooveshark so much. Try it!

10 years ago

And with Grooveshark you get only King’s Singers, only St. Olaf. 🙂 You can also get rid of Pandora’s ads free. Download Google AdBlock. Takes care of all the ads.

10 years ago

We just came home after a week at a Joni and Friends Family Retreat for families with disabilities. God was very near and present there. I spent a large chunk of the week crying–tears that were “good tears” from very deep places. I came home with lots to think and pray about, and some steps were made clear to us that we need to take to enable our family to continue to function as God wants us to. They look big. We came home Friday night to many qts of green beans that needed picked and processed. We canned 42 qts and gave two brimming full paper grocery bags away Saturday evening. I am currently slowly getting read through Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz. And I’m trying to prepare for school starting in just a few short weeks. That’s my life right now . . .

Mama Zook
10 years ago

Hope you enjoyed your week at SMBI, and you know I’m looking at boxes, all sizes, shapes,and weight! The house is supposed to be getting emptier, but is looking fuller with those said boxes! Daddy was amazed at the amount of boxes added on Monday while he was working on Randy’s house…I’ve started packing the canned food from pantry. We are hoping to see you sometime after the 15th!! On the way to Blandon,PA.

Jeanie Martin
10 years ago

HI Shari! Jeanie from family week………..I loved getting to know someone who isn’t far from my corner of the world! You’re a sweetheart still……….just like you were as a little girl in braids way back at Fam. Week years ago! Blessings……..

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