A nifty little gadget

Several months ago, I bought a nifty little gadget.

It’s a clothes shaver: an electric razor that removes fuzzies and pilling from fabric. I saw my fashionable aunt* using one and decided I wanted one too. It works even better than I thought, giving new life to sweaters, knit dresses, leggings, and more.

You know how little girls’ tights come through their very first wash covered with fuzz dots? You know how head-covering veils get nubbly after a while from tiny snags? And sweaters don’t look new anymore because the surface texture gets roughed up? This takes care of it all.

It has greatly extended the life and appearance of the clothes around my house. (If you didn’t notice, I don’t even want to talk to you.)

The back chamber pops off to empty the resulting lint.

Also, it’s inexpensive. There’s an electric one (with plug-in cord) for $15, or a battery operated one for $8. I bought the battery kind and haven’t replaced the batteries yet… they last well.

So if you have troubles with pilling too, I thought you would want to know. My mission is to make you look good.

I think.

Okay, this post was random.

* Not that any of my aunts are unfashionable. This post contains affiliate links.

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Tabitha Schmidt
6 years ago

I love your mission! ? I need to get out my little lint shaver again and see what all I can rescue.

6 years ago

Remember the “nifty little gadget” your lovely mother had on MBS tour ‘99 to fix the snags on our burgundy chorus dresses??

Mama Zook
6 years ago

Now, if you could just find a “nifty little gadget” to remove the little brown spots that keep showing up here and there on my face, hands and arms! (not to mention the tiny little red spots that are showing up other places!) Spring is coming, and my sanity will be back!!

6 years ago

So neat! Definitely on my to get list.

6 years ago

I followed the link and ordered the battery operated one in hopes of rescuing some of my newer sweaters from their pilling plight. Thank you for the tip!

6 years ago

I’ve been looking for one of these and am glad for the recommendation. Will be ordering!

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