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Confession: I haven’t been doing enough singing.

I loved singing today—old Sam Cooke songs like Chain Gang and Mariah, gospel songs like Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus? and silly songs with my kids, like Haggalena-Paggalena and Polly Wolly Doodle.

Singing is a shortcut to joy.

Just inside my lips I carry music, always, into every situation.

Why don’t I let it out more?

I call singing one of my human birth rights, along with words and laughter. God gave it, for His pleasure and mine; Satan would like to silence it one way or another.

Today was an energetic day, but I don’t think music has to be all joy and This Day Rocks either. We can sing our lamentation too, although I must say I have yet to find a song that expresses what I feel most mornings: My Life is a Piece of Crap and I Can’t Wait Until It’s Time to Go to Bed.

At least not in so many words; there are a lot of country songs and Negro spirituals that come close.

Do you sing?

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11 years ago

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Singing is my most powerful weapon in this life here below. Ann Voskamp says that you can only feel one feeling at a time; fight feeling with feeling. Therefore, I say, “Sing without ceasing”.

11 years ago

I love to sing, and love listening to it. It’s more personal, more unique and intimate than listening to an instrument played. When I hear myself sing freely as I walk and work, I know that my soul is at peace. But reading your post reminds me that I should tell myself to sing esp. when I don’t feel like it.

11 years ago

I think you were being sarcastic, and yet, I can’t help but roll that imaginary song title in my head (My Life is Piece of Crap) and wonder. So many times we say things like this flippantly and yet deep in our hearts, we feel them to an extent. I’m sticking my neck out here, because I could be way off and way wrong…

But in the case that maybe you do feel that…yesterday, today, this week, this month, next year…

You bless others and so does your life.
Don’t forget and live empowered!

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