2020 St. Pat’s Mystery Supper

Confession: I’m worried about this post being redundant because I already shared with you our menu and plans for a special Saint Patrick’s day dinner, and our pictures from a previous year. But I’d like to share photos from this year’s party. If you are bored, you may keep sitting at home and crocheting toilet paper. That is fine.

We planned our St. Patrick’s Day mystery supper a few days late, because having this kiddo at home for it was more important than doing it on the right day – but – we had to cancel the invitation to our other guests because of C19 which I am getting bored with, to be honest.

Regan home for the weekend

Bored with is not the right phrase. Opposed to might be better. It seems macabre to keep talking about it, and disrespectful to talk about anything else. (We had our first confirmed case in my town this week.) Maybe I am trying to create some semblance of normalcy in this world where there’s precious little of it left.

Speaking of normalcy… A dinner in which my whole family can be seated together is a gift I don’t take lightly anymore. It’s fortune and wealth and riches.

Jenny is sticking out her tongue because she is four and likes ruining pictures like that. You should have seen the extension on the other shot I took. Three inches, at least.

Kelly and I gathered all the little green toys and game pieces that came easily to hand, and arranged them Walter Wick style all over the table.

We made pretty food ahead of time.

Okay, I made the pretty food while they sliced a chestnut tree into firewood with their dad. I popped outside to scoop a few shovelfuls of wood chips and join my family in reliving my childhood, and then I came back inside.

“Over the Rainbow” fruit kabobs
“Leprechaun Bait”
“Pot of Gold” jello

There’s just nothing like eating with your fingers when you are four.

We played the “I” Game again, where you can’t say that word. Whoever was it had the green sunglasses. Kelly proved to be really good at “Me did this” and “Me likes that.”

She’s the one who thought of making cute place cards for everyone, with “nice things” said about each person. I love that about her.

And I love how bright this food looks on a plate. And I love this guy, who is willing to eat salad with a knife & a jar from time to time.

Two close friends sent me pictures of their families celebrating this same mystery supper, with their own twists, which brought me a ton of joy.

Inertia is a very real beast which we must keep at bay. “Which character are you most like in The Cat in the Hat?” asks my foster son’s homework,* and he writes in his first grade scrawl: “The boy. Becaus I am bord.”

* He’s not technically my foster son anymore, because he returned to his bio family like I told you. But at the request of the agency, we’re babysitting him daytimes during this school cancellation era, while his kinship provider works, which is one good side effect of an unfortunate thing.

I’d like to know what you are doing with your family these days. Tomorrow I am going to share a “Boredom Busters” idea spreadsheet that YOU get to create with me. OK?

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Joanna Graybill
3 years ago

Because of your previous post about your St. Patrick’s day mystery supper, we made our own fun meal borrowing some of your ideas????

3 years ago

I still want to do this… Sometime! Thanks for sharing it.But diving into homeschooling has me scrambling to keep up with the daily dozens. Hopefully we’ll continue to adapt.

3 years ago

I love everything about this, but especially all those smiles bright as the sun!

3 years ago

We did a taffy pull, made onion rings, found a used trampoline which has been in nearly constant use ever since it arrived on the property, and inspired by your mystery supper we (i) created a barnyard/animal themed one for our family. All things have been a great success. In the future is the possibility of making doughnuts if I can muster up the courage to tackle it.

3 years ago

Thank you for articulating how I feel about C-19. It does sadden me at how much it has taken over the Western world/media but there are other such big problems that we can easily forget about (child prostitution, people starving), because they don’t seem to be our problem. Thank you for sharing this joyous bit of celebration!

3 years ago

I loved getting to see these pictures of your family time 🙂 Carlin and I made jars full of “things to be done” and “to do for fun” to pick from when we’re bored.

Regina S
3 years ago

You sure look like you had fun and your family is beautiful! We’ve been busy with crochet and sewing projects. I really should complete more of the CLP lessons I keep saying every year I would do. My daughter helped make me a skirt out of an old dress that didn’t fit me.
I have some skirts that I had planned to donate to a local church’s clothing giveaway but now that large gatherings are forbidden temporarily, they will remain in my closet. I wish I could find jumpers and cape dresses in the giveaways though. They never seem to have any.
I guess I need to finish my sewing lessons so I can make my own.????
I also have some weeding and planting to do. Weeding is my least favorite thing to do since the weeds won’t decide to leave on their own.
I hope all you ladies stay safe and well!

3 years ago

uh. we’re working.

it’s really boring.

the end.

3 years ago

p.s. your family’s St. Patrick’s Day dinner looks lovely and almost magical. Glad you could party with that second son of yours!!!!

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