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8 years ago

I’m not actually unsuscribing, but for some reason I’m getting two emails every time you post, so I’ll try this.
I enjoy your blog!

7 years ago

Same with me. Trying to get rid of the double.

7 years ago

Unsubscribing because I have an email connection only can’t read the rest of the post after the teaser.

6 years ago

Unsubscribing because I’m now using feedly and hoping to clean up my inbox. πŸ™‚

5 years ago

unsubscribing cause I’m using bloglovin’ app and I’m loving reading it on that.

4 years ago

I unsubscribed because I cannot conveniently click on a link to get the blog. If there is a way to get the blog itself sent to my email I want to get back in.

3 years ago

I’ve been getting two notifications, so unsubscribing to this one.

3 years ago

Do I need to subscribe again if I’m getting one email notification regularly? and want to keep getting it? LRM

3 years ago

Pardon me, I see now I had clicked the subscribe link by mistake. LRM

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