Why I Blog

I started this blog in 2012 as a creative outlet: as a way of stretching my writing muscles, practicing, playing. And though it took me a long time to discover this, I also blog to use my voice, to speak for the things and the people I love. I write on any topic I care about unless I know it’s going to blow up in my face; then—look to the locked book with the longhand writing and the tear stains. I’m not as brave as I generally sound.

I welcome you to join me here, though I’m not going anywhere in particular. If you are new, you may enjoy reading how I feel about blogging, and how I feel about your comments. (I love both, though not without a side of angst.)

Occasionally, you will see me sharing affiliate links, which lead you to Amazon and specific products that I value or recommend. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

What I say and who I am is of lasting significance because I belong to the Lord Jesus. Here on the internet I could slant myself any way I want to win your admiration, but I make a continual and deliberate effort to reveal the fact that I am a common woman who believes that doghouses and pedestals are equally restricting, and all humans need real faces.

(Mine is freckled.)

I will try to engage you here, because I like to hear you talk. Also because I know that truth changes us most when we tangle with it, when we talk about it and speak into it and become one with it.

I believe in the redemptive power of Jesus over burnt dinners, smeared snot, foolish vows, and holes in the heart. I am here to encourage you, to humor you, and once in a while to infuriate you—but most of all to lift Him high.

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9 years ago

Awesome – a whole entry introducing one of the topics I’d like to hear about – why you started blogging… You definitely make me laugh – a lot. And I am changed as I read and interact with your blog. Thank you for it all.

9 years ago

Wow! I love reading your blog. Even tho I don’t know you I am inspired every time I visit your page. You’re a huge blessing!

7 years ago

Shari, I miss your blog! I think I lost your email address, too. 🙁 Are you planning to write again sometime? Please?

6 years ago

If you let this go much longer, you’ll have to change the title to “Why I DON’T Blog.” I’m waiting…