When I am stressed, I bake

The years may be short, but the days are long

And the toddler stage was never my favorite

I now have three who play and fight

Mommy look at me

Mommy watch dis

Mommy Mommy I needa drink

So when I am stressed I bake, I bake

And when I am stressed, I bake


The winter persists, April snow each day

The mittens and boots are as limp as I be

I promise myself I won’t whine, won’t whine

But before I know it I’ve glowered and growled, right

Back at the grouchy, unchanging sky.

I eat salads at lunch for a splash of fresh color

And when I am stressed I bake, I bake

And when I am stressed, I bake


So far, I’ve wiped from my floor today

An explosion of brown sugar, flour sprinkles

Cookie crumbs, dishwater, somebody’s drink

Dust bunnies and unidentified crumbles

About which it would be well not to inquire too closely

But I finish the cleaning as quick as I can

And when I am stressed I bake, I bake

And when I am stressed, I bake


Birth family visits are cancelled last minute,

Service providers don’t show, don’t text

There are promises made that will not be kept

When can I see my daddy again

And is my mommy okay?

One’s nose runs. One’s tantrums scream:

Sharing is stupid, bedtime is worse, and what are you going to do with me?

Here, baby, watch me blend the ingredients

When I am done, lick the cookie dough spoon

For when I am stressed I bake, I bake

And when I am stressed, I bake


Every day I live with the chance

Of losing that which I love

The beautiful chocolate skin may stay

(I will keep it forever, if I may)

Or leave to be kissed by someone else

And I to be Mommy no longer –

We are dining high on cookies and cakes

And muffins and cupcakes and truffles and treats

Because when I am stressed I bake, I bake

And when I am stressed, I bake.

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5 years ago

Oh honey child…. may those sweets bring comfort and fullness of love and delights to each one. I think I’ll be chanting your lovely last lines in my sleep tonight. 🙂

5 years ago

There is so much beauty and joy and tears and pain expressed in this poem. You have said in a poem what could be written in a book. God bless you as you continue to bake, and relieve your stress. It’s funny, because baking for me too is a way of relieving stress.

5 years ago

What a fun poem! Blessings to you as you mother three toddlers. (Blessings like patience, strength, wisdom, and sweetness.)

5 years ago

Well, I was impressed with the reference to muffins in the Sunday morning sermon.

5 years ago

Hugs to you in your stressful time! Love your poem! keep on keeping on! And I’m sure your family is happy with the food. 🙂 So that’s a win win! Stress relief for you plus food. 🙂 Sometimes I think the unknown is worse then knowing. ( if it’s a no, at least I know it and can deal with it) until I’m in the middle of working through a no. It’s interesting to see the different things different people do for stress relief. Baking would stress me out, particularly if I was stressed already. Blessings on your day!

5 years ago

Not to imply that there is a no in your future. But generally, yes isn’t stressful :). It’s wonderful to leave it all in God’s capable hands, which is, unfortunately, Much easier said then done.

5 years ago

But when I am stressed, I drop hints for takeout and find excuses to stay out of the kitchen and take every opportunity to not have to pack lunches

And when I am stressed I do not bake, I do not bake. And when I am stressed I do not bake.

Marsena K Weaver
5 years ago
Reply to  Bethany

Yes to this! Baking stresses me out, especially with three preschoolers! May you sense God drawing near as you use your stress to bless others!!!

5 years ago

Hmm, I’ve always tagged the kitchen as my happy place. Now the question is: Do I go there when I want to be happy or when I am happy… not sure. As for stressful situations, I’ve learned that without trust there is no hope; but when trust comes, hope springs eternal!

5 years ago

…and when I am stressed I clean, I clean. And when I am stressed, I clean… 😉

5 years ago


5 years ago

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I most definitely do not bake. I dig in the flower bed j get dirt under my nails, then I’m ok. What’s a girl to do when it keeps snowing?

5 years ago

I wish I would bake when I get stressed. At least I’d have something to show for it. And I have such a sweet tooth.

L. Baer
5 years ago

When I am stressed, I putter… a little bit of everything, and not much of anything. Baking, cleaning, sewing… any of those would be more productive than puttering.

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