The Dock

Sometimes my writing appears on The Dock for Learning.

The Dock is an Anabaptist website that works to link Christian educators together and offer helpful information, advice, and connection. On the site, you’ll find audio and video clips, a blog, discussion forums, and more, on topics relevant to Christian education in all forms. Though aimed primarily at full-time educators, The Dock is broadening its focus to become useful for parents, school board members, homeschoolers, and more. I write from a mother’s perspective, not a teacher’s.

Here is a link to my contributor profile on the Dock, where all of my posts are listed and linked. I do not necessarily link to them otherwise on this blog.

You can give any post a star rating in passing, but if you wish to leave a comment on The Dock, you must create an account. That’s not as hard as it sounds, just FYI, but if it makes your blood pressure go up you can come back here to tell me what you think instead.