Strength, weakness, presence

Walking with Jesus

Thank you for your beautiful comments. You talked about the components so well. Personality. Failure. Life stages. Good strength versus bad strength. God’s strength versus our own. Well said! Gina also shared some excellent thoughts here. What is the opposite of strength? You mentioned many words—weakness, brokenness, battle, fear, surrender, helplessness, high-maintenance, infirmity, vulnerability. Vulnerability […]

April 26, 2014

Learning about grace

Walking with Jesus

Confession: Idiocy is one of my infirmities. in·fir·mi·ty noun, plural in·fir·mi·ties a physical weakness or ailment, lack of strength, a moral weakness or failing. I often ask Jesus to forgive my sin, but where to go with my stupidity? I know He will pardon my transgressions, but I’m always suspicious He’ll let me hang for […]

April 26, 2012