Valentine ideas needed: gifts for guys

Confession: It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and once again I am coming up short on ideas for a gift for The Boss.


Birthdays and Christmas, I’ve found ways to shop that bring great joy to both of us. (Best of all is to poke his buddies for suggestions on fire gear or tech gadgets, and pull off a surprisingly savvy gift in a field I know little about.) But on Valentine’s Day I don’t plan to spend a lot of money; I just want to get him something small and sweet. Is there a masculine equivalent for flowers and chocolate??

[Oh right. Lingerie.]

I could buy him a bottle of cologne.

I could bake him a meltingly wonderful pie.

I could ditch the traditional gift route and go with the love language route: time or words or acts of service.

But none of these feel quite right for 2015. I’ve done them before.

What are you doing for your sweetheart this year? If you don’t have a sweetheart but have a good idea, share that too. I could use all the creativity you have.


Aside to The Boss: No comment reading until after February 14, please. On the honor system.