Our Niagara vacation


You can do the math yourself: eight people + one dog + two tents + cooking all our own food + preparing for hot or cold weather = one impressive and daunting list of stuff to pack.

June 8, 2018

The corn people

Growing stuff

Held in warmth and darkness, the embryos await the light Grow whole and plump out of the broken Push their rumpled heads out of the night   The babies tremble in the springtime wind Their tender jade hands patting at the raindrops, their bodies Stretching slowly toward the sun   The children dance in line […]

August 4, 2017


Life around home

Watermelon, fireworks, new barbecue sauce, a child’s wagon, homegrown tomatoes, rose petals Day lilies, cantaloupe, orange dream on a stick, campfire coals, a shocking sunset, ripe peaches Sunlight on my skin, black-eyed susan, sea shells, the heart of a daisy, full moon, buttered cobs of corn Fresh mown lawn, leaves making merry, mossy rocks by […]

August 1, 2017

Summer motto

Life around home

It’s more aspirational than strictly true about any of us at the moment, but the children and I say it aloud together on Monday mornings when we have our powwow to discuss plans for the week. I am a responsible, joyful person who shares ownership of this home. I am in charge of my own body and […]

June 13, 2016

Snippets of life

Life around home

…a.k.a. “Confessions and Newsflashes from my Multi-Faceted* Life” * {Multi-faceted} meaning we have breakfast dishes, lunch dishes, snack dishes, supper dishes… and I am good at washing all of them. Confession: If I were a wiser girl, I would be making lunch right now. But sometimes words are food too, and I chew on them […]

May 18, 2015