The hair of his chin

Dear Fire Hall,

ryan's face

You take my husband’s time, and I can share that with you.

You capture my husband’s interest, and I can share that too.

You divide my husband’s energy, priorities, finances, and obligations, and all this I am willing to share.

But now

(so that his air mask fits during this month of training)

you want to take his facial hair

and I am more upset about this than I can say.

ryan's beard

You are a t-rd, and I am not signing off with love.



You guys had good thoughts. Thank you! Renee asked an excellent question (“What do you hope Facebook could be for you that it wasn’t before?”) and Cheryl described most clearly the qualms I felt myself when I was in it.

Here is why I hated facebook:

  • Competition
    • You can slant yourself any way you like, and the one who looks coolest wins.
  • Pressure
    • Stay tuned or you’ll miss something. Say yes please please pretty please to five friend requests. Care about all these people. Think of something great to say. Update frequently so others can watch your life over your shoulder.
  • Triviality
    • Conversation is reduced to the most short, silly, and meaningless. Lol.
    • And connections aren’t always as deep as they seem. Ouch.

Here is why I would think of rejoining:

  • Presence
    • I can think of two family relationships that my presence there could significantly improve.
    • My husband is a sort of virtual widower. I’d like to show up so he can be married to somebody. With a tag.
  • Network
    • Sometimes I miss important pieces of communication because people relied on facebook and I wasn’t there.
  • Influence
    • Walking away rarely changes anything—how much less standing back and throwing stones? If I care about my people, why not make the investment of actually showing up in the places they do? Could I join those who fight the pressure/competition/triviality from the inside?

Hmm. If I rejoin, there are several policies I’d have to have in place for sanity’s sake. First, my sister has to join too. Hi sis. The pressure is starting already. Second, if I recognize your name you can be my friend; no more agonizing over degrees of intimacy and personal interest. I can customize my feed to focus on real-life friends. Third, I keep my blog out of it. I love when you guys share my stuff there, but I don’t plan to myself. I think it would split your input in two, and I so much prefer your thoughtful comments here to any number of laconic “likes” there. Fourth and finally, anytime I am given a chance I chose real life over virtual. Yes to a ladies group, yes to a prayer meeting, yes to coffee with a friend, yes to sharing in Sunday school about the things I face. Connection happens best in tangible places.

Enough said. I’m thinking on it… but probably not for long because my hubby says Go.


(Which brings me to another question. Do you always do what yours tells you?)

Quote of the day

Confession: Everything was locking up for me today. First my Kindle. Then Grooveshark. Then my laptop. After ten years of marriage to a tech man, I’ve learned a few things—not to bang the offending item on the countertop, for instance… and that restarting often helps… and even to open Task Manager and fiddle around exiting random processes. But I was getting nowhere.

Each time something stopped, I fiddled around to the best of my ability (and I tell you, I’m a mean fiddler), and then, disgruntled, I trundled off to Mr. Fix-it so he could take a peek. In five minutes we were back on track. Every time.

Five minutes!

After the final episode I thanked him sweetly and then confessed

“I wish you would once in a while find yourself in a bewildering situation from which only I could save you. I think that would be nice. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

He was obviously in favor. “I avoid those kinds of situations like the plague.”

Great websites for small businesses

Profession: I know this guy who builds really great websites.

He specializes in working affordably with small businesses, bringing big-firm results to small-firm lifestyles. Here’s a site he did this spring for a family in Georgia.

(Click on the image to view and navigate the full site.)

upside of downs 2

If you’re thinking a website might increase your effectiveness–or your husband’s–by raising awareness of the products and services you offer, this guy just might be your answer. Check out his work.

(Click to navigate.)


zehr building

becca yoder art

heritage millworks

fairfield custom kitchens

See? I told you he was good. You can check his rates or get in touch with him right here. We like new clients, especially if they sit with us over a cup of coffee. (Virtual brew works too; you don’t have to be local.)

I’m kind of proud of this guy. Just a little.

Out and about

You’ll never guess where I am right now.

me n my sis

me n my sis

Yes ma’am. Down Virginia way.

The unbelievable mercy of Jesus, that’s what I call it—

  • That she is well enough to sit up, to eat fried chicken, to laugh at my jokes.
  • That I was provided with a complimentary ride to Virginia on Monday, and a complimentary ride home on Thursday.
  • That church women offered to help babysit my children before I ever made plans to leave.
  • That my husband—my guy Rye—he is willing to fill in; to comb hair and shuttle to school; to attend the meetings I miss; to bake the freezer pizzas; to care for our three children.
  • That my mom offered me half of her beautiful private suite. She also shot this picture, which some would take as an explanation of why it’s so blurry, but don’t tell her I said so… Oh hi mom. You are reading this? Yes, I was just telling them of your generosity. #themovie late last night was awesome.
  • That I am here.

Oh, bless Jesus. I am allowed to be here.