My turn: Book suggestions

Well, you guys sure made enough fuss about “only one book!” Did I say “only one book”? I did not. I suppose “favorite” does tend to sound rather exclusive… except to those of us who love best whatever we are savoring at the moment…


Well done!

I am pleased to find that you powered through your frustration enough to leave a comment anyway… and pleased to find that you love good books! Well, I won’t deceive you: there were a few weird ones in there, but by and large—great choices, girls, great choices. I am toying with the idea of compiling a printable list of your suggestions. It looks like a lot of work for me, but maybe if you say Please.

Meanwhile, I had a little book hunt of my own.

On Tuesday last, I failed (again) to show up at my boys’ school (this may or may not have happened before) and help out for fifteen minutes like I’d promised (“this is because I was an airhead on Tuesday and I’m still an airhead now”).*

I might never have thought of my missed appointment again, except that my son got in the van and said “Mom, why didn’t you come?!”


I emailed his teacher: Is there anything I could do for you to make up for my oversight yesterday?

She said: Oh, let’s see, what would I like? How about you let me borrow one of your favorite novels to read this winter?

Now that’s a teacher who talks my language. Plus she offered free forgiveness, books or no books.


I gathered a basketful for her to pick from, since I don’t know what she likes and what she’s read. These are not “my favorite books in the world” but they were on my shelf and I love them.

Thanks for your suggestions, everybody. That was fun!
Giveaway results coming next Wednesday.


(*Quoting Ree Drummond. She cracks me up.)

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