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I am aware that for every one of you who said “refreshing” on my last post, there were probably three or four who thought “alarming.” So thank you for being gentle. I’m not brewing up any more of it at the moment, and I wasn’t saying that doubt is a thing to be glorified or […]

February 14, 2017

A real life riddle

Life around home

We sat on the couch in the late winter, 7:45 am, the boys just out the door for school. Kelly was still sleeping upstairs. One twin sat on my husband’s lap, and the other hung out on the floor nearby. Ryan savored his coffee. I savored the precious moments of quiet, with Baby snuggled against […]

June 15, 2016

A slightly less ethical answer

Brain things

(Is it alright to do something your husband would not strictly approve of if he won’t find out?) I don’t know if it’s alright or not; I just know what I do. Practically speaking, I vote yes—in the stealthy disposal of items that have outlived their usefulness. If I asked him, he would say “I […]

May 20, 2016

An ethical question

Brain things

Is it alright to do something your husband would not strictly approve of if he won’t find out? I can see the shock on your faces, and it’s making me giggle. Yes? No? Sometimes? Of course? Only if…? Just relax now. And vote. And explain yourself tomorrow, like me.

May 19, 2016

Cheap shrimp

Brain things

Confession: I watched a startling video today and I’m not sure what to think about it. After a six-month study by The Guardian, the video was released to reveal the fact that cheap prawns (shrimp to Americans) come at a high price: human trafficking and slavery. Burmese immigrants pay brokers to bring them into Thailand […]

June 11, 2014

Three hundred voices

Brain things, Life around home

Confession: I’ve never figured out when exactly you start feeling like a Good Mom. When my third child was born and I went in for her nth-month checkup, I was shocked to hear my doctor’s words: “Well, you must be getting pretty good at this by now.” Huh?? I’m Mennonite, okay? which means I’m officially […]

May 16, 2014

From 9 to 16

Brain things, People

The final three interviews today! ***** Ms. Tabitha Schmidt of 16/10 said: I limit my blog reading because I still prefer to read from real paper, not the screen. I was surprised how many of the blogs I subscribe to are written by people I know, probably because two of my favorite bloggers are women I […]

April 3, 2014

From 1 to 99

Brain things, People

We’ll start with the north and south poles—those who read lots of blogs and those who read almost none at all. By their request and my own, we are keeping the names of specific blogs out of it. Enjoy. ***** Ms. 99/41 is my friend Anita Yoder, also a blog writer. She initially commented— I read […]

April 2, 2014

A Blogging Poll

Brain things

Today is my two-year birthday of blogging! I suppose I should call it an anniversary, but that sounds matrimonial and I’d rather think of Confessions as my kiddo, not my spouse. Go make me proud, little blog. But no, I will not promise to live with thee in peace until death do us part. The […]

March 22, 2014