Pumpkin praise

Don’t even get me started on pumpkins.

I love pumpkins: at this time of year, almost more than any other shape and color. What daffodils are to spring–a concrete encapsulation of the entire point–pumpkins are to fall. Round, rustic, simple, vibrant, fertile, textured, real.

And it’s Thanksgiving.

Here’s an idea for what to do with those extra pumpkins you grew, or bought for fall d├ęcor. Take some pretty permanent markers, assorted if you like, and turn your pumpkin into a canvas of praise.

pumpkin praise

I bought mini pumpkins for doing this project with some teen girls–to each her own. And on Thanksgiving Day I plan to take one big pumpkin to our family shindig, plop it down somewhere, and let anyone who passes add their words of thanks and praise.

mini pumpkins

What are you thankful for? How do you list it?