Kudos, kudos, kudos all around. First to Lynnelle, who asked for ’em. He-hee. Then to Kathleen, the first person to guess all four right! Also to Kim, who also got all four right and most definitely made me laugh… And well, okay, actually to all of you for being so wicked smart. With the exception of […]

November 1, 2013

Pop quiz


What’s the difference between cannelloni and cannellini? Last night I had a fun discussion over some homemade hummus created by my friend Amy. (I know; she keeps popping up on here. Can’t help it. She is a super cook and a discriminating reader and I’ve been hanging out with her lately.) Hummus is amazing. Especially […]

October 31, 2013


Brain things

Confession: I often think it would be fun to comment anonymously on my own blog. Don’t you just really think a lot of bloggers want to do this? And how do you know we don’t?? Maybe I am doing it already and you don’t know it. Maybe I am WelcomeHomeKatya and Not the Boss and […]

September 11, 2013