Walking with Jesus

This morning I finally said it out loud, the words of heresy I didn’t know were in me, words torn from my heart of hearts. I am tired of being a puppet in a story I don’t understand. I am tired of explaining for God. I felt the words scream out from me, felt the […]

December 17, 2014


Celebrations, Out and about

Confession: I was up so late last night, three hundred and forty-two miles from home, that my brain is buzzing and my husband said to me “Are our phones goofing up? You sent me a text that apparently came in at x:xx. Were you really texting at that hour?” And I said “Yes.” In the strictest sense […]

September 8, 2014


Out and about

Confession: I’ve never met so many beautiful, polite, and tastefully-dressed people in my life. Charlottesville is a lovely town. This is me and me mum having caramel Café Au Lait on the Downtown Mall. I called it caffe ow late, but the barista never blinked. In my town I say sir and ma’am when the […]

April 17, 2013

Out and about

Out and about, People

You’ll never guess where I am right now. Yes ma’am. Down Virginia way. The unbelievable mercy of Jesus, that’s what I call it— That she is well enough to sit up, to eat fried chicken, to laugh at my jokes. That I was provided with a complimentary ride to Virginia on Monday, and a complimentary […]

April 16, 2013

Light brown hair


Her world is receding, shrinking into a pale aqua cube with bright lights, lots of cords, an IV drip for every need, and a trio of inhabitants: herself, her husband, and her mother. The hospital staff are waiters and butlers, serving IV’s, checking the cords, and bowing themselves out. She is receding too. Like a babe […]

April 8, 2013

After 30 days complete


Profession: If you want to read a book that makes you really depressed about life, try on The Hunchback of Notre Dame. First off, we examine the plot. We start with the perfect girl, mix in a dash of Gypsy, an unspeakable grace of motion, a mesmerizing beauty, a pet goat, and lost parents. We […]

April 3, 2013