Drummer girl

I watched a baker layer silk on velvet. Fresh raspberries, cream, chocolate. Hazelnut, liqueur, and curls. Decadence on a plate, flawlessly arranged. Tantalizing. Perfect. A hundred and six comments. You will never be a great cook. I watched an author sculpt wonder with his words. Awaken feeling. Evoke character. Wrap sense and subtlety in layers …

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Holes reloaded

Confession: Sometimes my posts have hidden pieces I don’t share. Do you want to see? ***** Confession: I hate controversial topics, though I tackle them. I do love truth. Multifaceted, complex, everyone’s-perspective-thrown-in-truth. I love debate. Er. Correction—I love watching debate. But I hate moderating it. This time around, we’ll keep things really simple, focus on …

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