Giveaway winner

Hello. This is the post you’ve been waiting for. Our illustrious winner is… Lisa! Not Lisa of comment #14 between Rachel N. and Jolene, but Lisa of comment #60 between Tina and Aurelia. Will the real Lisa please step forward… I will message you privately to ask for your mailing address. Thanks to each of …

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Giveaway results

Giveaway closed at 10:00 pm last evening. Sincerest thanks and warm regards to all who joined in. You blessed me. I’m afraid I mostly reminded those who were already planning to participate, so I’ll probably have to take a few lifeskills classes before commencing a career in advertising, but hey. It was rich as a …

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Winner of chestnuts

Aaand we have a winner!  Rhoda says: November 8, 2013 at 8:35 am I would love to taste chestnuts again. Haven’t had any in quite a while. Congratulations, Rhoda! *** Winner chosen by Any complaints, curses or catcalls please see the management.

Chestnut giveaway

Have you ever eaten roasted chestnuts? Mmm. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them “creamy and sensuous” as one website did, but they are quite delectable. You have to be okay with a soft nut texture, almost like a boiled peanut. Here’s the basic roasting recipe–of course you can then salt them, or …

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Book giveaway

Profession: I have charming friends who write charming books. One is Miss Anita Yoder, my friend from Poland by way of Ireland. We met remotely—and don’t you dare think “Internet” because it wasn’t. It was a lovely old-fashioned snail mail writers’ workshop, in which we were fined a postage stamp for every day we delayed …

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