Farm cake


I had the joy of decorating a birthday cake for a tractor-loving nephew. Usually, cake decorating is a mix of therapy and stress. This time was pure joy.

October 30, 2019

DIY: Square cushion corners

Creations, Something from nothing

Confession: I used to think that I was good at finishing projects. When my friends said “I have GOT to get some of my current projects dug out of my closet and finished before I start anything else,” I just smiled. Aww. Poor chicks. [cough] Two years ago I moved to a fixer-upper and did […]

March 18, 2014

Black belt loops and baloney


Confession: The dress pants I bought for my son Aarick at Walmart, though perfect in size, style, and color, lacked a crucial feature requiring Post-Market Modification. I bought them knowing this. But it still took me right up until an-hour-before-his-school’s-spring-program to get down to business and modify them… No belt loops. I could not find […]

April 24, 2013

Recycling paper

Life around home, Something from nothing

Confession: I’m a big fan of recycling, but selfish enough to insist that the process not be too laborious and complicated. When I have to start rinsing, sorting, and removing labels, I–well, I’m still a big fan in theory, willing myself to duty but growing inadvertently drafty. My town of Meadville makes it easy—accepting clear and colored […]

April 22, 2013