On worship

Walking with Jesus

We Christians have always been good at line-drawing, and we are usually the ones who do it best. Or, if we dislike our upbringing, the ones who do it worst. The Catholics are too iconic, the Anglicans too liturgical, the black churches too emotive, the Quakers too quiet, the Methodists too formal, the Pentecostals too hyper, the Mennonites too traditional. Private worship is too individualistic, and public is too contrived or too showy. In the end, is there any good way to worship? that’s unlike what we are comfortable with?

February 23, 2018

Another piece

Life around home, Walking with Jesus

Did you know that a person’s strengths are often also their weaknesses? You can see it in marriage—a boyfriend is good at captivating his girl with a unique strength that later drives her insane. (Before marriage: “He’s such a music guy.” After marriage: “Does he ever think of anything else?” Before marriage: “Wow, check out […]

May 20, 2014