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Confession: I am slightly embarrassed. And extremely grateful. Today my son brought home a package he’d found in his locker at school. Inside the wrappings and quirky box and fun tissue paper was this. It’s made by my favorite potter (Alison Hershberger of White Hill Pottery), just like the one I smashed, and it’s large […]

November 3, 2015

Giveaway: R&R Roasters


Update: As of Sunday, June 7, 2015, this giveaway is closed. Hello there! The other day I got the darlingest package in the mail from Kansas. Inside was a bundle wrapped in stripey paper, tied up with string, and the smell that came out of it? Mmmmm, heaven— Fresh coffee! My friends Ryan and Rebecca […]

May 31, 2015

Iced coffee


Well, it’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon. We realized with a small shock we’re two-thirds of the way through summer vacation. How did that happen? Oh well. Pour out another round of iced coffee; we’ll need the boost before this is all over… Iced Coffee 2 cups water 1 cup sugar 1/4 to […]

July 19, 2014

Traveling mercies

Out and about

Confession: I’ve been out and about a lot. Yesterday I realized that I’d been up till midnight three out of the last four nights, deep in laughter and conversation. I am both exhausted and new-made. I try not to tell other people’s stories on this blog, but I need to say that the ladies of […]

February 24, 2014


Walking with Jesus

You need to try it, at least once a year. A coffee shop is a good place to go, or a graveyard; or any other quiet place where people don’t expect much of you and are more or less unlikely to strike up lengthy conversations. It’s good for every man to lay down his accessories […]

February 6, 2014


Life around home

I awake in the darkness, my mind reaching desperately to remember the second thing—the second part, which made sense of the whole. If I give myself a moment it will come back to me. But it does not, and after a time I cannot recall the first part either, nor what it was part of, […]

October 22, 2013

The most stumbling steps


“I’d like a small iced cappuccino,” I tell the waitress at Timmy’s. “Caramel.” As I carry it to my vehicle I take my first sip. I’ve never tried a caramel iced cappuccino before, and the sweet coffee flavor explodes upon my senses. Unexpectedly, I begin to cry right there in the Tim Horton’s parking lot, […]

September 1, 2013

If wishes were horses

Life around home

Confession: Last night I dreamed that the robins were back, and I thought them the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. Winter has lasted too long. I need some spring air or a large… Ah. I know what I’m thinkin. What do you wish for this dreary day? ******************************** *****Update: NEWS FLASH ***** You […]

February 27, 2013

In which I have much to say on many topics

Life around home

Confession: The thing I dislike most about writing a series is that I can’t write about the little everyday stuff happening in the meantime. Confession: You guys are sweet to think I could write a book, but I don’t want to. I want to play. Confession: This morning I planned to exercise, but instead I […]

January 30, 2013